Horseback Riding

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Saddle Up and Ride

Horseback riding is allowed as we provide spectacular scenic vistas of Lake Mead and rugged and isolated backcountry. Striking and dramatic physical features include deep canyons, dry washes, sheer cliffs, distant mountain ranges, the lakes, colorful soils and rock formations and mosaics of different vegetation.

There are many trails and marked backcountry roads perfect for riding with only a few limitations. Desert ecosystems are fragile and require special care. Desert soils, when disturbed, take years to heal, so it is important for riders to travel on established trails.

The lack of available drinking water is both a challenge and a limitation for riders and horses. Care should be taken when planning your trip since stock animals may not use natural or man-made water sources within the park. The use of loose hay or grain containing viable seeds as feed is prohibited. Please be sure to pick up after your horses.


Horseback Riding Locations

Horses and pack animals may be ridden or used throughout the recreation area. Around 50% of the River Mountains Loop Trail is open to equestrian users.The equestrian section begins at mile marker 1 just north of Railroad Pass in Henderson and ends at mile marker 14.5 near Las Vegas Bay within the park. The equestrian trail parallels the paved trail.

Prohibited Areas

Equestrian use is prohibited in picnic areas, campgrounds and these areas:

  • Boulder Beach, along the beach from the Causeway/Dive Park south to Special Events Beach.

  • Callville Bay 1/4 mile from the developed area along the beach.

  • Echo Bay 1/4 mile north of the developed area to the causeway.

  • Temple Bar 1/4 mile on each side of the launch ramp along the beach area.

  • Katherine Landing along the beach in the areas known as South Telephone Cove.

  • Cottonwood Cove along the beach within the harbor limits not including the road or paved areas.

  • Willow Beach from the fish hatchery to the south parking lot not including the roadway.

Please stop by the Lake Mead Visitor Center for suggestions.



Last updated: January 9, 2023

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