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Overview of entrance requirements

All visitors MUST have

* May not apply in some cases. See details below.

Entrance Passes

Standard Entrance Pass


Lake Mead National Recreation Area has entrance and lake use fees. Lake Mead passes can be purchased online or at one of our entrance stations. You may also purchase passes by printing out a mail-in form.

Admits a private non-commercial vehicle for 1-7 days.
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Admits a motorcycle for 1-7 days.
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Admits a single individual walking/bicycling for 1-7 days.
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For Organizations & Businesses

Admits education/academic groups as long as a fee waiver form is filled out and approved.
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Admits vehicles at the per person rate for groups using vehicles for 12 or more people. The $15 cost is per person over the age of 16, not total for your group.
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Admits a sedan of 1-6 people.
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Admits a van of 7-16 persons.
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Admits a mini-bus of 16-25 persons.
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Admits a motor coach of 26+ persons.
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Annual Entrance - Park

Annual Entrance - Park

This pass admits the passholder(s) only into Lake Mead National Recreation Area AND NOT other federal lands. The interagency passes allow access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. Admits passholder and occupants of a single, private non-commercial vehicle. In cases where per person fees are charged, pass is valid for the passholder + 3 adults.1 year from month of purchase. Good through 1 year from month of purchase.

2023 Fee-free Days

No entrance pass required on these days:


All park visitors are required to purchase a recreational use pass upon entering Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Additionally, the park charges lake use fees. Lake Mead passes can be purchased online, at one of our entrance stations, or by printing out a mail-in form.

  • Entrance station locations are:
  • Boulder Beach
  • Lake Mead Boulevard
  • Lake Mead Parkway
  • Cottonwood Cove
  • Temple Bar (CLOSED)
  • Northshore Road (CLOSED)
  • Willow Beach
  • Katherine Landing
  • Lake Mead Headquarters Building.

Note: entrance passes are NOT SOLD at the Alan Bible Visitor Center.

Current pass holders can enter the park through the far right-hand lane of the entrance station. Lake Mead charges entry fees per vehicle, so if there is a pass present in the private vehicle, that pass can be used for the whole vehicle entrance fee.

Per person fees are only charged for certain commercial or group entry or cases in which a person is not in a motorized vehicle (walking, biking, etc). In the event a party is walking together, passes are valid for the passholder + 3 persons age 16 or older. Any individual entering the park under the age of 16 is admitted for free.


Vessel and Camping Fees

See Commericial Tour Catergory (bottom of page) for commericial fees.

Vessel Fees



Annual Vessel Sticker

$50 per vessel
$25 Senior/Access

1 calendar year

Daily Vessel

$16 per vessel
$8 Senior/Access

7 consecutive days

Camping Fees



Visit the campgrounds page to learn about regular and group camping fees.


Other Fees

Hunting and fishing is regulated by the states. For more detailed informaiton about fishing license and information please visit our Fishing Page. For more detailed information about a hunting license please visit our Hunting Page.

NPS-managed campground fees are $20 per site ($10 with the Interagency Senior and Access passes) and are payable immediately upon occupying a campsite. Fees are posted at the entrance to the campground. Sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no reservations. Check-out time is noon.

Group campsites fees are $80 per night (15 person minimum - 30 person maximum per site) are located at the Boulder Campground. Camping fees are posted at the campground kiosk. Reservations are required and can be requested online only at rec.gov. For questions, please call (702) 293-8906.

For more information about camping, please visit our Camping Page.

Reserve Your Spot


Entry is valid for seven days, only for the same vehicle and the same group. Fees will be levied on vehicle capacity and are not pro-rated for those passengers who may be exempt from fees, such as passport holders or those under the age of 16. This was calculated into the fees coordinated with the National Transportation Association and the National Bus Association in conjunction with national tour meetings.
Commercial tour rates:

  • Sedan (1-6 persons) $25
  • Van (7-15 persons) $50
  • Mini-Bus (16-25 persons) $60
  • Motor Coach (26+ persons) $150

The implementation of standardized Road-based Commercial Tour (RBCT) CUAs and fees is DELAYED. This decision also delays implementation of increased commercial entrance fees. Parks with existing RBCT CUA requirements may continue to issue and manage CUAs according to existing practices including charging appropriate fees.

To apply for a CUA, email lake_cua@nps.gov.

In addition to other passes and fees that apply to Lake Mead charged by the NPS, the Nevada Department of Wildlife charges for an Invasive Species pass. More information on this pass can be found below:

Apply & Buy - Nevada Boating (ndow.org)

While in the park our official concessioner offer additional opportunities and services for additional fees and costs. Please visit our Directory of Concessioners for more information.

Last updated: May 24, 2023

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