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Kids take a peek through special glasses during a solar eclipse.

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Check out these great junior ranger programs offered up by Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. Call the park if you have additional questions or for additional information on junior ranger programs: 740-774-1126. Visit the park calendar to see what events are coming up for junior ranger activities.

Cover page of Eclipse booklet showing a darkened sky with the moon passing in front of the sun
The Jr. Ranger Eclipse Explorer booklet - Click to download

NPS & The Planetary Society

Junior Ranger Eclipse Explorer

To commemorate the 2017 North American Total Solar Eclipse, the National Park Service has partnered with the Planetary Society to bring you the Junior Ranger Eclipse Explorer program. The fun-filled Eclipse Explorer booklet is loaded with interesting eclipse information and activities that will engage kids and teach them about the sun and the moon.

To get started, simply download the booklet and then print it out. The booklet is laid out in three separate age/skill levels. Choose the appropriate level (found on page 2), complete the activities and then take it to a participating NPS park or mail it in to a participating park to receive a Eclipse Explorer Jr. Ranger badge! If you're visiting Hopewell Culture NHP, ask a ranger about the program as we are participating in this awesome program. If you can't make it to this park, you can mail us your completed booklet and we'll be happy to send your badge and ranger-signed booklet to you (while badge supplies last). For the park mailing address, please visit the Contact Us page.

Many NPS sites are participating in this unique Jr. Ranger program, but please call the park you are going to visit and inquire if they have Eclipse Jr. Ranger badges available. The booklet and the badge are a limited edition, so once supplies run out, they are gone at least until the next U.S. total solar eclipse in 2024!

Download the Eclipse Explorer Jr. Ranger booklet (PDF - 22MB)

The Hopewell Culture NHP Junior Ranger badge
The Hopewell Culture Junior Ranger badge.

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Hopewell Culture NHP Jr. Ranger

Calling all kids! Ever wonder about the people who built the mounds? What did they eat? Where did they live? How do we know about these people that lived 2,000 years ago? Answers to these questions can be found by participating in the park's Junior Ranger program.

Any child can become a Junior Ranger by answering questions in a booklet available at the Mound City Group Visitor Center. Answers can be found in the park's brochure, video, museum, and interpretive signs in the mound area and along trails. Upon completion of the activities, bring the booklet back to the Visitor Center and be awarded a Hopewell Culture Junior Ranger badge!

Once children have acheived the Junior Ranger badge, ask about our Junior Archeologist booklet to extend your child's knowledge of the Hopewell culture, archeology and our national parks! Children will earn a Junior Archeologist badge.

While the Junior Ranger program may be tailored for children of specific ages, we encourage visitors of all ages to participate in the program to expand their Hopewellian knowledge! Just ask a Ranger for your booklet during your visit.

Earn our Junior Archeology badge at a Junior Archeology event this summer!

Become a Junior Archeologist!

When most people think of archeology, they think of an adventurous explorer who braves great danger to grab a precious object! Archeology provides a link to the past and a means to study to the people who came before us. Junior Archeologists are important people because they help archeologists take care of very special places. The Junior Archeologist program is an opportunity for children to learn about the archeology at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park and have fun at the same time! In order to earn the badge and complete the requirements, children must participate in a Junior Archeology Day.

Time: 2017 dates and times will be scheduled soon
Place: Mound City Group visitor center

Children will be able to participate in many hands-on activities, including a mock dig to earn a Junior Archeologist badge! The program begins at 10:00 am. This is not a drop-in activity. You must be present at 10:00 am to participate and earn the badge. Parents or guardians are required to stay with their children. Registration is required. Space is limited. You must call and reserve a spot for your child. Scout groups of 5 or more please call about availability. Bug spray, sunscreen and water/snacks are necessities. Call the park at (740) 774-1126 for more information.

Click for WebRangers!
Click the logo above to visit the WebRangers site.

For more National Park Junior Ranger education and fun, visit our Webrangers site. There, kids can learn more about their National Parks in an interactive and fun adventure. Trivia, games and virtual trails help make the experience enjoyable and memorable. Guests can customize a virtual Ranger Station, earn more rewards, and play new activities! Visit today!
Child character with birthday cake
Click on the Centennial birthday cake to download the Centennial Jr. Ranger booklet.

Become a NPS Centennial Junior Ranger!

In 2016, the National Park Service launched a new junior ranger program for all to learn about the importance of one of the country's most recognized public agencies. Even thought the Centennial has passed, you can still download the Centennial Junior Ranger Activity Book and then print it out to complete. Fill out as much of the booklet as you can and then bring it to any National Park Service visitor center for a ranger to review. Once we look it over, you'll receive your limited edition Junior Ranger Centennial Badge and the ranger will sign your certificate. If you can't make it to a visitor center, you can also mail your completed booklet to us (mailing address can be found on page 3 of the booklet). Be sure to include your return address so we can send you your badge.

Enjoy this activity by yourself, with friends or with your family! Be sure to visit one of the nation's 400+ National Park Service sites this year and help us celebrate 100 years of service!

Download the booklet (PDF - 3.6 MB)

Last updated: August 13, 2017

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