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Golden sun rays stream over silhouette of the Teton range
Fall Teton Sunset

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Grand Teton National Park is Open

Grand Teton National Park is open 24 hours every day, year-round. The most popular months to visit are May through September. During the busy summer season, most roads and facilities are open and a full range of programs are available to enjoy. From November through April, some roads, all campgrounds, and most visitor facilities are closed or have reduced hours. Check out the links below for more information. Alerts and other closures also occur please see Alerts & Current Conditions page.


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Visitors on wooden snowshoes with woman park ranger in front of dark green conifer trees.

Discover Snow in Grand Teton

Play in the snow! Ski, snowshoe, or go for a walk in this winter playground. Explore winter in Grand Teton National Park.

Golden aspens in full fall color with purple Teton Ranger in the distance.

Experience Fall in Grand Teton

See golden aspens and red hawthorns put on a fall color show. Watch elk rut and wildlife migrate. See the grandeur of the Teton's.


2020 Season Status and Dates
Facilities and Services

All dates are subject to change. We will continue to evaluate and adapt to changing COVID-19 guidance and adjust operations as needed.



Facilities/Services Opening
Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center
Visitor Information, permit, and bookstore
June 16
Exhibits and Auditorium not expected to open.
Aquatic Invasive Species Watercraft Check Point June 5
Snake River Launch June 5
Gros Ventre Campground May 29
Menors Ferry Historic District Area open for walking. Buildings closed and ferry not running.
Menors Ferry Store Not expected to open.
Chapel of the Transfiguration Not expected to open.

Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve

Facilities/Services Opening
Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Center Not expected to open.
LSR Preserve Parking Area June 16

Jenny, String, and Leigh Lakes

Facilities/Services Opening
Jenny Lake General Store June 15
Jenny Lake Ranger Station
Climbing information and backcountry permits
June 15
Jenny Lake Visitor Center Not expected to open. Rangers will be available in the plaza at certain times.
Jenny Lake Campground June 15
Jenny Lake Boating June 5
Jenny Lake Boat Launch June 5
AAC Climbers' Ranch Not expected to open.
String Lake Mobile Contact Staton Expected to open mid-June
String Lake Boat Launch June 5
Jenny Lake Lodge and Dining Room No expected to open.

Signal Mountain

Facilities/Services Opening
Signal Mountain Lodge
Reduced Rooms Available
June 5
Needle Gift Store & Timbers Gift Store June 5
Signal Mountain Gas Pumps June 5
Signal Mountain Convenience Store
Take-out food and beverages
June 5
Signal Mountain Campground June 5
Signal Mountain Showers and Laundry June 5
Signal Mountain Marina June 5
Chapel of the Sacred Heart Not expected to open.


Facilities/Services Opening
Aquatic Invasive Species Watercraft Checkpoint June 5
Deadmans Bar River Launch June 5
Pacific Creek Landing River Launch June 5. Closes on August 31 for construction.
Jackson Lake Dam River Launch June 5
Cunningham Cabin Historic District Area open
Triangle X Dude and Guest Ranch June 7

Jackson Lake Lodge

Facilities/Services Opening
Jackson Lake Lodge and Facilities Not expected to open.

Colter Bay Village

Facilities/Services Opening
Colter Bay Visitor Center
Visitor information, permits, and bookstore.
June 16. Exhibits and auditorium not expected to open.
Colter Bay Campground June 5
Colter Bay RV Park June 5
Colter Bay Convenience Store and Gas Station May 22
Colter Bay Cabins June 15
Colter Bay Tent Cabins June 5
Colter Bay Launderette and Showers June 5
Colter Bay General Store June 5
Ranch House - takeout food and beverages June 15
John Colter Cafe Court - takeout food and beverages June 15
Horseback Riding Not expected to open.
Colter Bay Marina June 5

Leeks Marina & Lizard Creek

Facilities/Services Opening
Lizard Creek Campground June 12
Leeks Marina June 5
Leeks Pizzeria Not expected to open.
UWNPS - AMK Ranch Not expected to open.

Flagg Ranch

Facilities/Services Opening
Flagg Ranch Information Station Not expected to open.
Headwaters Lodge and Cabins June 15
Sheffields Restaurant - takeout food and beverages June 15
Headwaters Convenience Store June 5
Headwaters Campground and RV Park June 5
Flagg Ranch Gas Station June 5
Horseback Riding Not expected to open.

Other Services

Facilities/Services Opening
Mountaineering Exum Mountain Guides June 15
Mountaineering Jackson Hole Mountain Guides June 15
Overnight Lake/Kayaking Rendezvous River Sports June 12
River Fishing Trips Grand Fishing Adventures June 15
River Fishing Trips Grand Teton Fly Fishing June 5
Scenic Float and Fishing Trips National Park Float Trips June 5
Scenic Float and Fishing Trips Snake River Anglers June 5
Scenic Float and Fishing Trips Triangle X Ranch June 7
Scenic Float Barker-Ewing Float Trips June 5
Scenic Float Heart 6 Ranch June 5
Scenic Float Solitude Float Trips June 5
Scenic Float Signal Mountain Lodge June 5

Last updated: June 18, 2020

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