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Moose Entrance

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Did you know that the fees you pay when visiting Grand Teton National Park support the visitor services you require today, and protect park resources for future generations?

Under the authorized Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA), national parks are allowed to keep 80% of all fees collected and to use that money to fund important projects that improve visitor services and protect natural and cultural resources for future generations. In Grand Teton National Park, your fees allow us to spend approximately $4 million per year on park projects such as roads, trails, multi-use pathway, accessibility, restoration of wildlife habitat, rehabilitation and stabilization of historic structures, visitor maps, and brochures.


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Entrance Fees

These fees provide the visitor with a 7-day entrance permit for Grand Teton National Park. Yellowstone National Park collects a separate entrance fee. Visitors to both parks should consider an America the Beautiful—The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass.

No entrance fee is charged for the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway.

Grand Teton Entrance Fee - Private Vehicle - $35.00

Park entrance fee for 7 days for a private, non-commercial vehicle.

Grand Teton Entrance Fee - Motorcycle - $30.00

Park entrance for 7 days per private motorcycle.

Grand Teton Entrance Fee - Hiker/Biker - $20.00

Park entrance fee for 7 days for each visitor 16 years and older entering by foot, bicycle, ski, etc.


Commercial Entrance Fees

Commercial entrance is based on seating capacity of the vehicle. Seating capacity of 1-6 is $25 PLUS $20 per person; 7-15 is $125; 16-25 is $200 and 26+ is $300. The Yellowstone entrance fee is collected separately.

Pathway - Bike, skate, or hike

Entrance permits are required on the park's Pathway and are available for purchase at the Automated Fee Station adjacent to the Moose Entrance Station. Weekly and annual passes also available. If you have previously purchased an entrance permit, please carry it with you while on the pathway.


Passes are available at entrances and permits desks at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center and the Colter Bay Visitor Center. Entrance into the park with a pass may also require a driver's license or other form of picture identification. Available passes are described below:


The above passes replace the Golden Eagle, Golden Age and Golden Access Passports as well as the National Parks Pass. These passes will remain valid until they expire or are lost or stolen.


Education Fee Waiver

Schools or other bona fide educational institutions (accredited, officially recognized, or tax exempt for educational purposes) may request an educational fee waiver. The fee waiver will allow qualifying groups free entry into the park for educational or scientific purposes. Learn more about the Education Fee Waiver.

Last updated: December 1, 2021

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