Safety in Bear Country

A black bear digs into unsecured trash and recycling in the park.
A radio-collared black bear digs into unsecured trash and recycling in the park.

Proper Food Storage Required

Allowing a bear to obtain human food, even once, often results in aggressive bear behavior. Aggressive bears are a threat to human safety and must be relocated or killed. Do not feed bears or other wildlife for any reason. Failure to follow park food storage regulations is a violation of federal law. Help keep bears wild and humans safe.

Bear Safety Brochure

Learn more about being safe in bear country. Download our brochure.

Video Podcasts

Watch our video podcasts to learn more about proper food storage, which bear did you see, and safe wildlife viewing.


Recommended Reading
Available online from the park's non-profit partner the Grand Teton Association.

Bear Aware provides information on hiking and camping in bear country. This handy pack-sized book contains the essential tips you need to reduce the risk of being injured by a bear to the slimmest possible margin. Useful for beginners to experts.

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