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Grand Teton National Park covers nearly 310,000 acres of mountains, lakes, and plains including the major peaks of the Teton Range and the northern half of the valley of Jackson Hole. Grand Teton is open all year, though some areas of the park are inaccessible by car from approximately November through May due to seasonal winter closures.

Grand Teton Road Status Map

The map below shows the status of park roads and road construction. Click on a road segment or colored icon for more detailed information. Conditions in Grand Teton can change quickly, especially during winter. Updates to this map may be delayed, so check back often. Short-term road closures and delays may not be shown on this map. For addtional real-time road status check with the following: For Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) Road Information call 1-888-WYO-ROAD, 511 from your cell phone or .

Map legend for Grand Teton Live Roads

Below is only a short list of road status definitions, for additional details please see WYDOTs definitions.

No Unnecessary Travel The road is open but travel is not recommended due to hazardous driving conditions. Generally, this advisory is posted during winter months due to extremely icy conditions, when visibility is limited due to blowing snow, or when a combinations of conditions makes travel ill-advised.
Reduced Visibility Visibility less than 400 feet for any reason.
Dry The road is free of puddles and standing water.
Wet There are puddles and standing water present; spray coming off cars.
Slick Long, continuous sections of icy or snow packed roads. Greater than 50% of road section is icy or snow packed.
Slick in Spots Short, non-continuous sections of icy or snow packed road. Less than 50% of road section is icy or snow packed.
Drifted Snow Drifts of any size that cross the white line and cause a driver to feel a bump or a pull on the steering wheel.
Blowing Snow Snow propelled by the wind across or along the road surface at least 1 foot above the ground.
Black Ice A thin coating or glaze of ice on the road that is particularly dangerous as it may appear to be a film of water or may not be visible/discernible at all.

Road Construction

Each summer Grand Teton National Park works on road construction projects to improve visitor experiences. This projects can include full road closures to short delays. Check back here for the latest construction projects.

Moose Landing Construction

Moose Landing boat ramp and parking areas will be closed starting October 2, 2023 to finalize construction and will remain closed until spring of 2024. Boaters considering putting in at Deadmans Bar upstream of Moose Landing will not have an available take-out for 37 river miles as Moose Landing and the Wilson Boat Ramp are both closed. Please consider two alternative river floats in the park: Jackson Lake Dam to Pacific Creek Landing and Pacific Creek to Deadmans Bar. Winter wildlife closures below Pacific Creek Landing on the Snake River exist, check the Temporary and Wildlife Closure Map.

Yellowstone Roads

For Yellowstone National Park road information, check online Yellowstone Live - Roads or phone 307-344-2117. During winter, the roads in Yellowstone are closed to motorized vehicles except the road from Mammoth Hot Springs to Cooke City, MT.


Winter Road Information

Winter driving may be challenging; park roads are often covered with ice or hard-packed snow; winter storms create white-out driving conditions. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with winter or all-season tires and carry tire chains when driving over mountain passes.

The park's main roadways, Highway US 89/191 and Highway US 26/287, are plowed and open for winter travel from the town of Jackson to Flagg Ranch just south of Yellowstone National Park. These travel routes offer outstanding mountain vistas and wildlife viewing opportunities. Park roads are often snow-covered and icy. Be prepared for winter driving conditions and carry a winter safety kit in your vehicle for emergencies. In addition, wildlife can linger near park roads, so be alert, and drive slowly for their safety and yours.

Seasonal Road Closures

Roads in Grand Teton close in the winter for recreational use and to provide corridors for wildlife. The Teton Park Road and Moose-Wilson Road close on a schedule, see below. Other roads close based on conditions.

The Teton Park Road is closed November 1 to April 30 from Taggart Lake Trailhead to Signal Mountain Lodge. The road is groomed for skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking from mid-December to mid-March.

The Teton Park Road is open to biking from November 1 until it is snow covered. In the spring when the snow melts, you can ride on the road until April 30. You can hike, run, rollerblade, or walk your dog too. After the road is snow covered, bikes, snow bikes, fat tire bikes, and roller blades are not allowed on the Teton Park Road.

Pets are allowed on the road after November 1. Once it is snow covered leashed pets can use the multi-use lane.
The Moose-Wilson Road is closed November 1 until mid-May based on conditions and unplowed from Death Canyon Road to Granite Canyon Trailhead. It is open to skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking.
In the Rockefeller Parkway the Grassy Lake Road closes based on conditions and is unplowed in the winter from Flagg Ranch to the west. Once the park has determined that adequate snowcover exists, the road will open to oversnow use by snowmobiles, skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking.
Other roads such as Antelope Flats, Deadmans Bar, Grassy Lake, Pilgrim Creek, Schwabacher, and Two Ocean are closed seasonally based on conditions.
Two bikers ride around a curve on a paved path with mountains in the background.

Grand Teton Pathways

The paved Grand Teton Pathways throughout the park are open whenever predominately free of snow and ice. Use of the pathway is prohibited at night, specifically from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise. For information check out the Biking in the Park.


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