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Did you know you can help Grand Teton reduce waste from landfills during your visit to the park? Have a zero waste picnic in the park using all reusable and recyclable materials. Check out these tips from the Zero Landfill Initiative, and help us get to zero!

Green Travel Checklist
Don't leave home until after you've made your own Green Travel checklist.


Tips for a Green Visit:

There are so many possibilities when it comes to making your trip to Grand Teton as green as possible! From getting here, to enjoying a picnic in the park, to hiking and camping, you'll find that there is a way to make all your favorite activities more environmentally friendly.

Before you get here:

  • Preparation is key! Make sure you pack all of your reusable essentials, outlined in the Green Travel Checklist!

Getting here:

  • Share a ride! Carpool with friends, explore rideshare opportunities, or ride your bike into the park!

During your Visit:

  • Recycle! Keep in mind that products you may be used to recycling in your hometown may or may not be recyclable in Grand Teton. Wondering what to do with your recyclables? Check out our recycling page.

Last updated: December 13, 2018

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