five sled dog puppies and an adult dog in a pen full of toys
The Puppy Cam

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Puppy Cam (Seasonal)

In most years, Denali's nine-year old dogs retire to private homes, and a new litter of puppies is born to continue the work of the park kennel.

When pups are big enough to wander around and play, we turn on this seasonal camera. That is typically in the fall, though it can vary year-to-year. The camera goes dark close to midwinter, when there is limited daylight, and the pups are big enough that they can run loose when the rest of the dogs are out pulling sleds.

Check out the puppy camera!
Screenshot from depot web cam, showing nearby forest and distant mountains

Alaska Railroad Depot

This view from high above the Denali Visitor Center is oriented to the southeast, across the park boundary in the middle distance to the Yanert River Valley beyond. In winter, this expanse is where the sun first emerges and lingers low over the horizon. (Image refreshes about once each minute.) Trains pass through the depot around noon and 4:30 pm each day in summer.

Check out the railroad depot webcam.
two people sitting on a bear sculpture taking a selfie

Resting Grizzly

Regardless of season, "Resting Grizzly" by William Berry, located just outside the entrance to the Denali Visitor Center, may well be the most hugged and photographed work of art in all of Alaska.

Check out the Resting Grizzly webcam at the Denali Visitor Center

snowy Mount McKinley stands out against a blue sky

Wonder Lake

Park researchers studying air quality operate a visibility webcam looking toward Denali from Wonder Lake, about 85 miles from the park entrance. The webcam archives high resolution photos for visibility documentation, and runs on solar power. Because of this power source, the camera is summer-only.
Image of Mount McKinley, other mountains

FAA Webcams

Eielson Visitor Center, Kahiltna Glacier and the Denali Park Airstrip

The FAA maintains webcams throughout Alaska, including three in Denali.

One is positioned on the Kahiltna Glacier, where most aspiring mountaineers land before starting a trip up the highest peak in North America. The other is at Eielson Visitor Center, located at Mile 66 of the Denali Park Road. The final camera is mounted at the airstrip near the park entrance, which is open to general aviation.

Last updated: September 13, 2021

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