a caribou runs down a hill in front of Denali

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Denali's abundant and diverse wildlife are just as famous as its tallest mountain, Denali, which towers above the landscape at 20,310’ tall. In truth, although the park’s namesake is a mountain, Denali was the first national park created to protect wildlife. Now, this park is home to 39 species of mammals, 169 species of birds, and 1 lonely species of amphibian.

Explore the sections below to learn more about the wildlife that find a sanctuary within these boundaries.

a grizzly bear drools while standing in the grass

A goal for many visitors is to see a grizzly bear lumbering through the tundra, Denali is home to 39 mammals that vary from shrews to moose.

a girl stands to watch a snowshoe hare from an appropriate distance
Wildlife Safety

Traveling where wild animals live can be intimidating even for the most savvy hiker. Have a fun, safe visit by following these guidelines.

two sandhill cranes fly together

Denali has over 160 species of birds that call the park home during the summer months, but far fewer remain during the chilly winter days.

a wood frog sits on a person's fingers
Amphibians & Reptiles

There are no reptiles found this far north. However, there is a single species of amphibian that is adapted for life in the cold.

an insect on a spider web

Bears and moose can capture a visitor's attention. But, did you know that the vast majority of Denali critters are less than an inch long?

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