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Denali's avifauna includes migratory birds from all over the globe and a hardy group of residents. The abundance of birds in Denali ebbs and flows across the seasons, increasing significantly as migrants return to Denali in spring and decreasing when they depart on their autumn migration. Summer birding in Denali rewards visitors with opportunities to view these migratory species in this spectacular northern environment. Birding in winter is slim by the numbers, but high in rewards as observations of pine grosbeaks, mixed flocks of ptarmigan, and perhaps a gyrfalcon or northern goshawk awaits the hardy winter birder.

Explore the sections below to learn more about Denali’s birds and current research projects happening in the park.
a group of researchers attach a geolocator to a small bird

Critical Connections

The Critical Connections Program is an effort to expand our knowledge about the year-round needs of migratory wildlife in National Parks.

a woman uses her binoculars while hiding in tall grass

Birding in Denali

Over 160 bird species call Denali home. Discover what birds you may see throughout the year and what habitats they may call home.

a gray jay sits on a snowy branch

Gray Jays

Explore how Gray Jays survive year round in Denali's harsh environment and how they can indicate changes in climate.

a golden eagle in flight

Golden Eagles

Golden Eagles are monitored across interior Alaska because they are an important vital sign. Learn about this study and why it is important.

a tiny sparrow stands on a rock

Songbird (Passerine) Monitoring

Discover why tiny songbirds across interior Alaska have been studied since the early 1990's and the important role they play.

a group of ptarmigans stand in the grass

Prey Cycles

What do snowshoe hares and ptarmigans have in common? Find out more about the cycles of these important prey species.


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