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If you're planning a trip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park visit our calendar for a list of events. Explore educational resources, games, and DIY activites and crafts from our non-profit friends group, the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

If you're doing research for a project, choose from various topics below.


History & Culture

  • A black-and-white photo of a woman in a long, black dress standing at a water pump.


    Learn about those who have called the valley home and meet a few of the local characters.

  • Cyclists ride on a paved trail next to a river, which is lined with trees with orange leaves.


    Learn more about places that highlight the cultural and natural history of the valley.

  • A black-and-white photo of twenty people, mostly men dressed in suits; behind them, two tour buses.


    Explore the stories of the valley, to learn how people modified their environment to make a living or how American history unfolded here.


Other Research Topics

  • A photo of the exterior of Boston Mill Visitor Center, a white building with green trim

    Park Basics

    Start with the basics - where Cuyahoga Valley is and how it became a national park.

  • Four rangers is uniforms and flat hats stand in a diagonal line facing the camera.

    Being a Park Ranger

    Learn about the job of park rangers, who care for and protect some of America’s favorite places.

  • A ranger and two other scientists stand on a boat on the water, holding up large fish.

    Being a Park Scientist

    Learn about the job of park scientists, who help preserve Cuyahoga Valley's natural resources for future generations.

  • Three people in canal-era dress stand in front of a white building with green shutters.

    People of the Past

    Investigate what life was like in the Cuyahoga Valley during different time periods.

  • A train painted black, red and yellow stretches into the distance, where an arched bridge rises.

    Changes in Transportation

    Learn about how travelers have taken advantage of the valley’s pathway on foot, canoe, horse, canal boat, train, and interstate highway.

  • A lake surrounded by vegetation: tall trees on the far shore; in the foreground: yellow wildflowers.

    Exploring Park Ecosystems

    Explore several of the different types of ecosystems found within the park.

  • An overhang of sandstone towers over a leaf-strewn trail; yellow leaves hang on trees to the left.

    Park Geology

    Learn about the geologic history of the park and how the Cuyahoga Valley came to be.

Things To Do

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    Volunteer in the Park

    Make a contribution to Cuyahoga Valley National Park and our community! You can help the park fulfill its mission to provide visitor enjoyment and preserve resources. Visit the Conservancy's Service Learning page for more information.

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    Every Kid Outdoors

    Every Kid Outdoors connects fourth graders and their families to public lands. Complete a fun activity and get your voucher for free admission today.

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