Frequently Asked Questions


What are your camping facilities and fees?
Chickasaw National Recreation Area has 5 campgrounds with 370 camping sites. Camping fees vary from $14.00 for a tent site in the Platt District to premium utility sites (water and electric hookups) for $24.00 in the Arbuckle District. Quiet time in the campgrounds is 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. During the summer season, there are campground hosts in most of our campgrounds that can assist you. Guy Sandy Campground is closed at this time.

Fees are collected through an automated fee machine at Rock Creek, Cold Springs and Buckhorn loops A,B, C and D campgrounds. The machine accepts major credit cards. Buckhorn loop C campground is on a reservation only system. Please see the campground host in either C or D loop to check availability of site or check

Camping rates (effective January 1, 2012):

  • Non-utility $14.00 (Cold Springs, & Rock Creek Campgrounds)
  • Non-utility $16.00 (Buckhorn and the Point Campgrounds)
  • Utility $22.00 (Buckhorn and the Point Campgrounds, and one site at Rock Creek Campground)
  • Premium utility $24.00 (May through Sept. Buckhorn Loop D #24, 25, 26 & Loop C #4, 5, 6, 7 and the Point #20, 21, 22, 23, 24)
  • Group Sites $30.00 (Rock Creek, Cold Springs & Central Campgrounds)

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Can I reserve a campsite?
Some of our campsites are on a reservation system. Reservations can be made at or by calling 1-877-444-6777.

Sites at Chickasaw National Recreation Area under reservation system:

  • Group sites at Rock Creek, Central, and Cold Springs Campgrounds - Rates are $30.00 per night, per site
  • Buckhorn Campground, Loops A & C - Rates are utility sites $22.00 (Loop C only) per night, per site; premium utility sites $24.00 (May thru September Loop C sites #4, 5, 6, 7) per night, per site; and non-utility sites $16.00 per night, per site (Loops A & C).
  • The Point, Upper Loop (sites 42-56) - Rates are utility sites $22.00 per night, per site & non-utility sites $16.00 per night, per site

Handicap accessible sites are reservable for persons with disabillities. We ask that visitors not reserve these sites unless there is a legitimate need or it is the last site available.

Reservations for individual sites can be made 240 days in advance and group sites 360 days in advance.

A $10.00 reservation transaction fee is charged by ReserveUSA.

The rest of the campsites are on a first come, first serve basis. Availability of first come, first serve campsites will typically depend on the time of the year, day of the week, and weather.
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Can I bring my pet?
Pets are allowed - always on a leash and never left alone. Areas that are closed to dogs are posted. Pets are prohibited on the trails east of the Travertine Nature Center, within the Travertine Nature Center, and in all locations where persons gather to swim or sunbathe. An exception to this rule is granted for service dogs accompanying persons with disabilities, regardless of the disability requiring the use of a service dog. This restriction does not apply to animals used by authorized Federal, State, and local law enforcement offices in the performance of their official duties.

Pet excrement must be disposed of in accordance with the following conditions:

All pet excrement must be removed by the owner/keeper from all trails, roads, camping areas, picnic areas, and parking areas, and shall be deposited in refuse containers or removed from the area.
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What can I do at the Travertine Nature Center?
The Travertine Nature Center has live animal-exhibits and presents interpretive programs related to the park's natural and cultural resources.
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Do you have hiking trails?
The park has over 20 miles of hiking trails.

The Rock Creek Multi-Use Trail is open to horseback riding, mountain bikes, and hiking. With all of the loops, the trail is approximately 8 miles. Trailheads are located at north and south ends of the trail.
more information on trails....
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Can I purchase groceries, sundry items, or fuel in the park? Can I rent boats or camping equipment in the park?
While there are no concessions in the park, the City of Sulphur is adjacent to park property. Groceries, fuel, dining, etc. are available. Contact the Sulphur Chamber of Commerce at 580 622-2824 or Davis Chamber of Commerce at 580 369-2402 for boat or camping equipment rentals.
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Can I have a campfire?
Fires are allowed in the provided fire grate. Ground fires are prohibited. You can gather dead and downed wood for campfires. You cannot cut any live trees. NOTE: RED FLAG FIRE ALERT (burn with caution) OR BURN BAN (absolutely no fires) MAY BE IN EFFECT.
more information on burn ban status....
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Do you have picnic pavilions? How can I rent a pavilion?
Buckhorn and Veterans Lake Pavilions is an open sided pavilion with grills and water but no electricity and can be reserved through at Or call 1-877-444-6777, for available dates. There is a $30.00 non-refundable reservation fee.
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How can I get a map of Chickasaw National Recreation Area?
Upon receipt of a mailing address, park brochures will be mailed to you.
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How can I obtain a Senior Pass or Access Pass?
The Senior and Access Passes (formerly known as the Golden Age and Golden Access Passports) are available at the Travertine Nature Center. The Nature Center is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (September through May) or 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (May to September). You must apply for either passport in person. The cost of a Senior Passport is $10.00 for a lifetime card and applicants must be at least 62 years of age or older. For the Access Passport, proof of medically determined permanent disability or eligibility for receiving benefits under federal law must be shown. (top of page)


Can I hunt in Chickasaw National Recreation Area and where?
Hunting and fishing is allowed in Chickasaw national Recreation Area and is concurrent with Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) regulations. Specific hunting regulations apply. There is a section on Chickasaw in the ODWC publications on hunting and fishing. Chickasaw has a hunting map that can be mailed (U.S.P.S.) to you.
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Can I use my Jet Ski, Skidoo, on Lake of the Arbuckles?
The rulemaking process to allow Personal Watercraft (PWC), also known as jet skis, on Lake of the Arbuckles was completed as of 8:30 a.m. September 2, 2004. The final special rule was published in the Federal Register on September 2, 2004 and allows personal watercraft to operate on Lake of the Arbuckles under additional PWC restrictions.
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How do I get a lake launching permit for Lake of the Arbuckles?
Chickasaw National Recreation Area requires a lake launching permit, availabe from the automated fee machines at The Point and Buckhorn boat launch ramps. Annual permits may also be purchased at the Travertine Nature Center (please call ahead). A day-use permit may be purchased for $4.00; an annual permit can be purchased for $30.00. If visitors are eligible for Senior Pass or Access Pass, they must have the updated cards available to insert into the fee machine.
The fee machines, which will accept credit or debit card only, dispense two receipts for day-use permits; one receipt should be placed in vehicle dashboard and another kept onboard the vessel.
The fee machines dispense a sheet of three stickers for annual permits; the two arrowhead stickers should be placed one on each side of the front of the vessel, and the rectangle sticker should be placed on the trailer.

The annual permit expires at the end of the calendar year (December 31).
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Will drinking the spring water improve my health?
Historically, there is no scientific evidence to support such claims; some people have long attributed medicinal and restorative powers to the mineral waters flowing from these springs. Over the years, some of these springs have ceased to flow. Today, Pavilion Springs, Black Sulphur Springs, Hillside Springs, which is unsafe for drinking, and the Vendome Well are the only mineral waters flowing at Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Though the National Park Service claims no proof to the curative qualities these springs may hold, visitors to the area can still enjoy the beauty of the springs or possibly indulge in the mystery of their healing powers.
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Can I scuba dive in Lake of the Arbuckles?
Scuba diving is allowed in Lake of the Arbuckles in Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Diving is not allowed around boat docks and launch ramps. Visibility is poor, three to five feet. You are required to fly a flag above the area in which you are diving. The nearest place to refill air tanks is Norman, OK (60 miles away).
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How can I volunteer?
For volunteer opportunities at Chickasaw National Recreation Area are posted at or on the park volunteer page. An on-line application is available. All of our opportunities are strictly volunteer. Camping sites with full RV hookup are provided to camp hosts.
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Does the park have cabins or lodging?
There are no lodging facilities inside the park; however, the surrounding area offers numerous lodging possibilities close to the park, ranging from rental cabins to budget motels.

The Sulphur Chamber of Commerce has information about lodging in Sulphur and the surrounding area. Contact their office at 580-622-2824.
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Last updated: July 6, 2017

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