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Hunting is a permitted use under the enabling legislation for Chickasaw National Recreation Area (P.L. 94-235, §3). The legislation also provides for the designation of zones and periods when no hunting is permitted for reasons of public safety, administration, wildlife management, or public use and enjoyment.

Hunting seasons are determined by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Visit their website for the most up to date information on seasons and required licenses. Please note special regulations for the recreation area further down on this page. Follow state regulations for anything not specifically addressed by our regulations below.

A variety of game including quail, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, dove, ducks, geese, and deer may be found here. However, due to the small size of the area and heavy hunting pressure, success is limited. Trapping is prohibited.



Most state hunting regulations are applicable in Chickasaw National Recreation Area with the following exceptions or items of special emphasis:

  • The use of artificial light to view wildlife is prohibited.
  • Baiting of wildlife, including salt or mineral blocks is prohibited
  • Feral hogs may be taken year-round, provided that when taken outside of deer or turkey seasons, they may be taken with archery or shotgun only.
  • Damage to trees such as cutting limbs and using nails or screws is prohibited
  • All tree stands must be portable, cannot be permanently affixed to trees, and must be affixed in a manner that does not damage trees. Tree stands must be removed immediately from the park following the closure of the hunt in which they were used.
  • Hunters must have a valid Oklahoma hunting license. Hunting licenses, special tags and waterfowl stamps are available from local businesses.
  • Displaying wildlife carcasses or remains is prohibited in campgrounds and developed areas.
  • Quail, snipe, woodcock, rabbit and squirrel are closed to hunting during the first nine days of deer gun season.
  • Species other than deer and turkey may be hunted in accordance with state regulation/season, provided that outside of deer seasons or turkey seasons, they may be taken only with shotgun, archery, or .22 rimfire.


Federal law allows people who can legally possess firearms under applicable federal, state, and local laws to legally possess firearms in the park. Federal regulations prohibit the discharge of firearms within the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, except in the lawful taking of game animals. All sighting-in and target practice must be done before entering the recreation area since there is no designated target practice area. Fully automatic weapons are prohibited.

Federal law prohibits the possession of firearms in designated “federal facilities” in national parks (for example, nature/visitor centers, offices, ranger stations or maintenance facilities/buildings) and these places are marked with Firearms Prohibited signs.


Chickasaw National Recreation Area is surrounded by private lands. State law requires that permission of the landowner or the custodian be obtained before entry on public lands. Therefore, it is important that hunters be familiar with the recreation area boundaries.

Not all of the recreation area is open to hunting. All developed areas are closed, and some areas are restricted to archery and shot shells only. The color-coded map found on the other side of this brochure indicates which areas are closed or restricted.

Camping and Vehicles

Off-road travel is not permitted in the recreation area. Camping is available throughout the year in designated campsites. All vehicles are restricted to established roads.

Safety Tips

  • Never point a gun at anything you do not want to shoot.
  • Treat every gun with respect due to a loaded gun.
  • Always be sure that the barrel and action are clear of obstruction.
  • Carry your gun so that you can control the direction of the muzzle.
  • Keep safety on until you are ready to shoot.
  • Never climb a tree, fence, or other obstacle with a loaded gun.
  • Never shoot at a flat, hard surface, or the surface of the water.
  • Unattended guns should be unloaded.

In Case of Emergency

Park personnel are on duty to make your visit safe and enjoyable.
In case of an emergency, call 911. For ranger assistance call 580-622-3918.

A map depicting the areas where hunting is and isn't allowed at Chickasaw National Recreation Area.
Print copies of the 2023 Hunting map are also available at the Travertine Nature Center.

Last updated: March 9, 2024

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