black dog with tongue out laying down on the trail
Good bark rangers always wear their leash.

NPS Photo / Scott Sharaga

Places pets are permitted

Pet are allowed on any of the trails west of the Travertine Nature Center (approximately 85% of the trail system). Pets must always be on a leash or fastened into a carrier or stroller.

Pets are allowed in the water at many locations open to swimming, except the named waterfalls on Travertine Creek. Pets must be on a leash while in the water.

Pets are permitted in campgrounds. Barking dogs are considered a nuisance and owners must remove them from the campground. All other pet specific park regulations apply

All pet excrement must be removed by the owner/keeper from all trails, roads, camping areas, picnic areas, and parking areas, and shall be deposited in refuse containers or removed from the area.

All pets must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet when not contained in kennel, carrier, or stroller.

Never leave your pet in a closed vehicle.

For more park rules and guidelines, including the use of hunting dogs, please refer to our Superintendent's Compendium.

Places pets are not permitted

Pets are prohibited on the trails east of the Travertine Nature Center, and in all buildings, including the Travertine Nature Center.

While pets may be at the picnic areas along Travertine Creek, they are not allowed in the water at any of the named waterfalls. This includes the Little Niagara, Bear Falls, Garfield Falls, Panther Falls, and their immediate environs.

Service dogs accompanying persons with disabilities, regardless of the disability requiring the use of a service dog, are not considered pets. Animals used by authorized Federal, State, and local law enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties are also not considered pets.

Last updated: April 16, 2023

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