NPS Centennial

The National Park Service turned 100 on August 25, 2016, and we're celebrating all year long! Throughout 2016, we invite you to participate in Find Your Park Experiences to learn, discover, be inspired, or simply have fun in national parks. Find Your Park Experiences offer unique opportunities to explore national parks both in person and online. Check out the experiences in this park or search all experiences to identify an opportunity that matches your interests. You can also share your national park story at

A Call to Action remains the foundation for our 2016 centennial efforts. It is the National Park Service's blueprint for the future, outlining the innovative work we want to accomplish. Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is a big part of this effort. Take a look at what we're doing and get involved!



  • I Spy Nature- at a "historical park"

    head of infant Great Horned Owl

    Historic areas are not separate from their natural setting. Often the natural setting is the reason why a place was established originally. Sharp eyed visitors who spend time, even in small lesser known parks, often find natural as well as historical reserves to enchant the mind and the eye. Read more

Call to Action Projects 

  • Arizona SciTech Fest- Casa Grande Union High School

    hands holding reproduction pump drills

    How do you define technology? Is it true that Native Americans 800 years ago had no technology? Is "simple" technology easy to use? Park staff took materials to the schools as part of the Arizona SciTech Fest initiative and discussed ancient technology with students. Read more

  • Ancient Technology Day- Agave & Yucca Processing

    female park volunteer holding woven burden basket

    No plastic storage containers, what are you going to do with your goods? Weaving a basket may sound like a reasonable solution but what is involved with making a basket? Park staff led visitors in exploring this topic in demonstrations and other programs. Read more

  • Ancient Technology Day- Trade

    table with reproduction items representing ancient trade goods

    How would you do as an ancestral trader? Would you be able to create the useful or artful items that would be in demand? This program discussed trade and let park visitors try their hand at several skills. Read more

  • Ancient Technology Day- Building Skills

    bowl with mud and hands covered in plastic gloves

    Could you build a home using soil that would last hundreds of years? Why not give it a try? Park rangers and volunteers gave visitor that chance during park events. Read more

  • Digital Map Connects Communities to History


    The Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail and the Anza Trail Foundation have partnered on an interactive tool to explore the Anza Trail. Read more

A Call to Action Projects for Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

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