Tsankawi Trail Intro

a trail carved into the rock crosses a mesa with views of mountains behind
A carved trail crosses Tsankawi mesa

Intro: Tsankawi is the ancestral home of the modern pueblo of San Ildefonso. Using the soft volcanic rock to construct houses and the flat open lands between mesas for farming, Ancestral Pueblo people called this place home in the 1400’s and 1500’s. Life was not easy on these arid mesas. The people became experts in the art of dry farming, hunted the available wildlife, and collected any bounty nature provided.

Be Aware:
• For your safety, stop walking to read this guide, take photos, or talk on the phone.
• There are sheer drop-offs near the trail. Keep children close.
• Do not throw rocks off the mesa as it could pose a risk to others below.
• Bicycles, horses, and pets are not permitted on this trail.
• Rock falls are common during rain, wind and thaw events.
• Do not approach or feed wildlife.
• Stay on the designated trail.
• Please leave rocks, plants, wildlife and artifacts undisturbed.
• Carry water, especially in summer. The trail is very exposed to the sun.
• Ladders are a required part of this trail. Be courteous to others when climbing.

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Last updated: January 15, 2022

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