Tsankawi Trail Stop 9

tsankawi Stop 9
Pottery making school in 1981 known as Duchess Castle

NPS Photo by Stella Carroll

By the early 1900’s an effort was underway to revive pottery making in the contemporary pueblos. As interest in native crafts grew, pueblo artists were able to use their skills to provide monetary income for their families and to continue their long-valued traditions. As part of this revival Madame Vera von Blumenthal and Rose Dugan built a home and pottery-making school here in 1918, known today as Duchess Castle. From this vantage you can see the remains of those buildings in the valley to the northeast. (There are no trails down to this area.) Pueblo pottery is still a very successful art form, both as a commercial industry and as the continuation of an important daily activity of Ancestral Pueblo life. Today the revival of the pottery tradition is seen in the common black-on-black polychrome and red pottery of San Ildefonso Pueblo.

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