Tsankawi Trail Stop 4

an image of a bush covered with white flowers and one of the same type of bush with colorful plumes
Apache plume

Photos by Sally King

Stop 4: At the trail’s fork follow the trail to the left. Nearby you may notice some fascinating native plants including Apache Plume (Fullugia paradoxa), Antelope Sage (Eriogonum jamesii), and Scorpionweed (Phacelia corrugate). Apache Plume has white rose-like flowers and beautiful reddish feathery seed balls. The limbs tend to grow straight which made them excellent for making bows and arrows. Antelope Sage, with its grayish basal leaves and creamy white flower clusters, is a type of buckwheat. Scorpionweed is named for its purple flowers that uncurl like a scorpion’s tail as it blooms.

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small whitish flowers on green stems
Buckwheat or Antelope Sage

Photo by Sally King

pale purple flowers on a curled stalk

Photo by Sally King

Last updated: January 15, 2022

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