Tsankawi Trail Stop 8

white and dark clouds mound up
Thunderclouds may indicate a storm coming.

Photo by Sally King

Stop 8: Today as you walk across the mesa, you will hear the sound of traffic on Hwys 4 and 502 below you. Stop and listen, block out the hum of vehicles. What natural sounds do you hear? Birds singing? The wind blowing? Thunder rumbling down from the Jemez Mountains (if you hear thunder, make your way back to your car)? People living here hundreds of years ago would hear these same sounds. Do you hear people talking or laughing? Ancestral Pueblo people would have heard those sounds too. Look down from the mesa to the flat valleys below. During the past, those areas would have been the fields where crops were grown to support the occupants of these homes.

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Last updated: January 15, 2022

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