Tsankawi Trail Stop 1

Orangey buff mesas stand out against a blue sky
Tsankawi is located on the Pajarito Plateau

Photo by Sally King

Stop 1: No Pueblo people live at Tsankawi today. However, this place still contains tangible and intangible connections with the past for the descendants of the people who once occupied these canyons and mesas. A petroglyph carved into the soft stone walls of a cavate (human-carved cave) may evoke a deep sentiment and sense of belonging for Pueblo people. Fresh names carved across or near this faded evidence of past lives may arouse feelings of a sadder, angrier type. Please treat this place with the same respect you would treat anyone’s home. Do not disturb, move, or remove any artifacts, pottery, rocks, plants, or wildlife. Do not deface cliffs or caves in any way. Stay on the designated trail as the underlying rock is extremely susceptible to erosion from our footwear. Do your part to deter social trails.

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Last updated: January 15, 2022

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