Tsankawi Trail Stop 17

a stone wall with many carved images
A mixture of Ancestral Pueblo and Spanish sheepherder carvings

Photo by Sally King

Stop 17: A short distance ahead the trail passes a large panel of petroglyphs (carved pictures). The exact meaning of many of these elaborate carvings is unknown but they are the subject of extensive research and discussion. At this time, these rock etchings are not considered to be written language, however, that opinion may change as new knowledge is gained. There is little question these signs had meaning to the people who made them. The petroglyphs still have significant importance to the modern Pueblo people. The Ancestral Pueblo people are not the only ones who left their marks on these cliffs. Spanish sheepherders used this area as well, carving their own set of images into the soft rock.

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Last updated: January 15, 2022

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