Tsankawi Trail Stop 18

Tsankawi Trail Stop 18
Agricultural fields

NPS Photo by Stella Carroll

Below you, the canyon bottoms would have been covered with agricultural fields. Men and women would have planted seeds using a digging stick made from Apache Plume or Mountain Mahogany. First the ground would have been softened using a hoe, a smooth flat stone attached to a long, straight limb. Corn was planted deep into the soil where residual moisture increased the chances it would sprout. Corn, bean, and squash seeds were intermingled; growing seedlings could use each other for support and shade. Even so, a good harvest was completely dependent upon sufficient moisture from summer rainfall. Most occurs during afternoon thunderstorms in July and August. Be careful not to be caught in one of these fast moving storms in the open landscape at Tsankawi.

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Last updated: February 24, 2015

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