Tsankawi Trail Stop 20

Tsankawi Trail Stop 20
The land provided for their needs

NPS Photo by Stella Carroll

For countless generations people lived here raising families and surviving on the land. The land provided for their needs and the people were thankful. A time came when circumstances (drought, depletion of resources, and other factors unknown) forced the people to move on. With them they took traditions and beliefs built in a time when people lived in balance with the spirit of the land, giving back for all that was taken. Today the Pueblo people continue those traditions and beliefs. In a time when children eat sugared cereal, play video games, and watch endless hours of television the Pueblo elders strive to keep the old ways relevant to a new generation. Traditional pottery making, feast day dances, and singing are time-honored activities that can often be witnessed at San Ildefonso and other nearby pueblos. Today being a Pueblo resident often means finding a balance, keeping one foot in today’s world and one foot in the world of Pueblo tradition.

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