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    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Plan Your Visit

Roughly 400,000 intrepid travelers journey to Denali National Park and Preserve each year, primarily between late May and early September.

The Highlights of a Visit

Most come in search of wildlife or glimpses of 20,320' tall Mt. McKinley, the roof of North America. All are encouraged to take one of the many bus rides along the Denali Park Road, the sole vehicle access into the heart of the park. Whether you seek wildlife, scenery, or solitude and communion with this wild land, these webpages and our park newspaper should be your guides to planning your trip.

Dig into the Details of Planning Your Visit

  • In Directions, learn where Denali is in relation to major airports and cities in Alaska, and get suggestions on how to travel here once you're in Alaska.
  • In Operating Hours & Seasons, discover what to expect if you visit in winter, summer, or Denali's very short spring and fall (described here as "shoulder seasons").
  • In Fees & Reservations, find out what park fees you should expect during your visit, and determine whether or not you'll need reservations for activities or accommodations.
  • In Eating & Sleeping, learn about park campgrounds and lodging around the park.
  • In Things To Do, explore the myriad activities that are possible in Denali.
  • In Things To Know Before You Come, learn or be reminded of some important facts about traveling to this beautiful and special part of the world. Pilots, both commercial and non-commercial, will also find a wealth of useful aviation information here.
Glance at the park event calendar to learn about upcoming ranger programs, special events, and other visitor activities. You can also connect to the park and get help planning your visit via our social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

"Traveling Green" is a great way to help Denali and other areas you visit reduce carbon emissions, divert and reduce what goes into the waste stream, and to help the environment. Find helpful tips on planning your next green adventure on our Traveling Green page.

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Did You Know?

three brown snowshoe hares

Natural sound is a matter of life and death to animals relying on complex communications. Intrusions of noise can adversely impact some wildlife, and some visitors' experiences. Denali soundscapes have been monitored since 2000, to help park managers understand Denali's natural sounds