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Cover of Denali with Kids--siblings dance and hug each other

It can be daunting to plan a trip that will be fun for the whole family. Especially when your destination is a vast wilderness in the Alaskan Interior. Whether you've already reached Denali National Park and Preserve or you're still dreaming about your perfect trip, Denali with Kids is a great place to start creating a vacation that will appeal to all ages.

This free travel guide is designed for parents and guardians who are traveling to Denali and are hoping to make lasting memories. Denali with Kids unlocks Denali's secrets by covering everything from the best places to camp and hike with your family to important safety and logistical information. This guide not only serves to help you plan your trip, but also includes parent testimonies and fun family photos that will inspire you.

Denali with Kids is currently available for download as either a high-resolution or low-resolution PDF, and will soon be available for loan in Denali's visitor centers.

Download the high-resolution PDF (8.8 MB) of Denali with Kids

Download the low-resolution PDF (5 MB) of Denali with Kids

Denali has something for people of all ages.


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