Planning Your Backpacking Adventure
A backpacking trip in Denali is unlike backpacking in most other national parks. Denali is about the size of Vermont, with only a handful of trails - most of which are near the entrance of the park for day-hiking, rather than overnight backpacking.

Backpacking permits are issued only in person, no more than a day before you begin your backcountry adventure - so use the information on this site as a guide, to familiarize yourself with the permit process and the landscape of Denali, but be ready to hash out the details of your itinerary only once you're in the park, speaking to one of our backcountry rangers. You may also enjoy checking out our landscape panoramas, to get a sense of the scenery and terrain in the park.

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Trip Basics

Start with these resources to understand how the permitting system in Denali works, and to begin orienting yourself to the possible adventures you can have.

Detailed Planning Resources

Read through these materials to develop an idea of what a backpacking trip in Denali is like.

Specialized Trips

Certain types of backcountry trips require additional information, skills and equipment. For trips like these, the information and rules listed above generally apply.

Did You Know?