Camping in Denali offers a great way to experience this spectacular park. Whether you wish to tent-camp, or camp with an RV or other vehicle, one or more of the park campgrounds should suit your interests.

There are six established campgrounds in Denali:

Riley Creek - Open year-round; fees charged May 15 - mid-September each year, free in winter.
Savage River - Open May 19 - mid-September each year.
Sanctuary River - Open May 20 - mid-September each year.
Teklanika River - Open May 20 - mid-September each year
Igloo Creek - Open May 20 - mid-September each year.
Wonder Lake - Open June 8 - mid-September each year.

You may make reservations online, through a third-party reservation system. Reservations are possible as early as December 1 of the summer before you wish to visit (e.g., Dec 1, 2015 for a 2016 visit).
Key Things to Know

The list below is not exhaustive, but here are some of the important things you must know about camping in Denali:

  • You may check in for all of these campgrounds at the Riley Creek Mercantile or the Wilderness Access Center. Check in / check out at all campgrounds is 11 am.
  • No campground in Denali has electrical or water hookups for RVs. If you need hookups, there are many campgrounds outside the park with such amenities.
  • Pets are allowed on campground roads and the Park Road, but not on trails or in the wilderness. Click here for more pet information.
  • Fires are permitted in established fire grates, in Riley Creek, Savage River and Teklanika River. You may collect wood that is both dead and on the ground - no sawing or cutting to harvest wood. You can buy wood at the Riley Creek Mercantile.
  • Quiet hours are 10 pm - 6 am at all park campgrounds.
  • Some campgrounds are tent-only, and others can be reached only by camper bus. Read each campground description to learn more details.
  • Each campsite is limited to no more than three tents and eight people per site. Wonder Lake is an exception, with no more than three tents and four people per site.
  • In all campgrounds, you choose your campsite upon arriving in the campground - not in advance.
  • There is a 14 night maximum for all visitors in any summer season. Visitors staying longer than 14 nights in the Denali area will need to consider camping in the backcountry or in privately-run campgrounds outside of the park.
To get a more detailed idea of campground regulations, contact us.

Learn about campground fees and reservations.

Did You Know?