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    Cuyahoga Valley

    National Park Ohio

There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Valley Bridle Trail Partial Closure

    A section of the Valley Bridle Trail is closed across from the Brandywine Golf Course. There is no estimate of when this section will be open. Please observe all trail closures. More »

  • Plateau Trail Partial Closure

    The outer loop of the Plateau Trail is closed at the Valley Picnic Area junction for bridge repair. The bridge is now unsafe for pedestrian traffice due to accelerated erosion around the base. More »

  • Bald Eagle Closure in Effect Until July 31, 2014

    Returning bald eagles are actively tending to last year's nest within the Pinery Narrows area in CVNP. To protect the eagles from human disturbance, the area surrounding the nest tree will be closed until July 31, 2014. More »

  • Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR) Bridge Construction Closures

    Rockside and Canal Visitor Center boarding sites will be closed through Apr 27. From Jan 18 - Mar 16, CVSR will operate between Akron Northside and Brecksville stations. From Mar 22 - Apr, CVSR will operate between Akron Northside and Peninsula. More »

  • Do Not Feed the Waterfowl and Birds!

    Many people enjoy feeding waterfowl and birds, but the effects of this seemingly generous act can be harmful. Regular feeding can cause: unatural behavior, pollution, overcrowding, delayed migration, and poor nutrition and disease.

  • Closure on Fishing Will Remain in Effect for Virginia Kendall Lake

    Due to the government shutdown, we were unable to survey the fish community in VK Lake as scheduled. Our survey partners (ODNR) will not be able to get into the lake until early spring of 2014. Therefore, the closure on fishing will remain in effect. More »

Frequently Asked Questions

Overlook at Ledges

Overlook at Ledges



Towpath Trail (More Info)

Where are restrooms and water fountains along the Towpath Trail?
There are restrooms at every
trail head and water is available
at the major trailheads.
See MAP for more details.

Where can I park my car to use the Towpath Trail at night?
The following parking areas are open 24 hours: Rockside Station, Canal Visitor
Center,Frazee House, Station Road Bridge, Red Lock, Boston Store, Lock 29, Hunt
Farm, Indigo Lake, Ira Trailhead, and Botzum.

If using these areas over night please inform the Communication Center
at (800) 433-1986 EXT 0.

Deep Lock Quarry is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Hike & Bike

Where can I take my bike?
Where can I rent a bike?

Where can I Hike?
Can I hike off trail?

People are allowed to hike off-trail unless otherwise posted.

Stay the Night (More Info)

Can I camp in the park?
Can I have a campfire in the park?
Is there a place to stay the night in the park?

Is there any RV parking in Cuyahoga Valley National Park?
Cuyahoga Valley does not have the resources to hold RV's overnight.

Water Activities

Where can I fish in the park?
Fishing at Kendall lake is closed for the next three to four years due to fish restocking.
Where can I canoe or kayak?
Where can I Swim In the park?
There are currently no places to swim in the park.
Where can I boat in the park?
Motorized boats are not allowed in any of the ponds or lakes in the park.

Other Activities

Where can I do winter sports?
Where can I ride the train?
Can I do Geocaching or Earthcaching?
Are there any bird watching tours?
What kind of activities are available?



When was the park established?
When did the park's name change?
How large is the park?

What is the weather like in the park?
Is there an Artist-in-Residence program?
Currently the park does not have an artist program.
Can I rent a farm in the park?
What are current hot topics in the park?


The federal government does not allow the removal of natural resources from the National Park.

For preservation purposes the park does not disclose the location of archeological sites.

For safety reasons the park does not allow swimming in any of the lakes and ponds in the park.

To protect the resources the park does not allow rock climbing.

To protect the natural resources the park does not allow off-road vehicles or hunting on park property.

Bikes may only be used on the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath trail, and designated connector trails. Bikes are not allowed on any other trails in the park.

Alcohol consumption is not allowed in any area of the park.

Did You Know?

Aerial view of the winding Cuyahoga River.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park's namesake river flows north and south. The Cuyahoga River begins its 100 mile journey in Geauga County, flows south to Cuyahoga Falls where it turns sharply north and flows through CVNP. American Indians referred to the U-shaped river as Cuyahoga or "crooked river."