• Photo of the Beaver Marsh by Jeffrey Gibson.

    Cuyahoga Valley

    National Park Ohio


Visitor rides on the Towpath Trail.

A visitor rides his wheelchair on the accessible Towpath Trail.


Cuyahoga Valley National Park is here to remove barriers and build enjoyable experiences for everyone.

If You Have Mobility Needs

  • All visitor centers are accessible. Our park map shows exact locations and specific features.
  • Many of the park's most popular attractions are fully accessible: the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail (including the Beaver Marsh near Ira Trailhead-the exception is a steep incline over Lock 29), the Everett Covered Bridge, Brandywine Falls, and the heronry along Bath Road.
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a partner in Spree for All, a universally accessible hiking series organized by Metro Parks, Serving Summit County.
  • Horseshoe Pond has an accessible fishing pier.
  • Wheelchair access is available on Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.
  • The reservable picnic shelters and the Ralph Regula Room at Boston Store Visitor Center are accessible rental facilities.
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park and its partners offer a series of Canalway Quests, treasure hunts with rhyming clues that tell how a place is special. Each quest includes a description of mobility considerations; several are wheelchair accessible.

CVSR Audio Tour 2009_Lynette Sprague-Falk_200 size

Audio tour headphones are fully compatible with hearing aids.

©Lynette Sprague-Falk

If You Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park can provide an interpreter for people with hearing needs. A minimum of two weeks is required to obtain an interpreter. To use this service, contact us at 800-433-1986 ext. 5991 or e-mail us.
  • Boston Store Visitor Center provides a subtitled video about the national park.
  • Fully accessible exhibits for people with limited hearing are available at the new Canal Exploration Center.
  • Rather than calling, e-mail us for park information at e-mail us.
  • Assisted listening devices and a captioned version of the Voices of the Valley audio tour are available aboard Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.
Sight Center Cyclists on tandem bike.

Cleveland Sight Center cyclists on tandem bike enjoy a ride on the Towpath Trail.

©Sara Guren

If You Have Visual Needs

  • Large-print versions of this bulletin, the park's quarterly Schedule of Events, and the Valley Volunteer newsletter are available upon request by calling 800-433-1986 ext. 5991.
  • Winter activities and tandem bike programs are offered in conjunction with the Cleveland Sight Center throughout the year.
  • Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad's audio tour, Voices of the Valley, allows you to experience the national park through storytelling.
  • Boston Store Visitor Center provides an audio description of its video about the national park. Request a listening device at the front desk.
  • Audio stations with four educational messages are available at the Beaver Marsh and Station Road Bridge Trailhead.
  • We are piloting the use of tactile elements in various park exhibits.
  • Fully accessible exhibits for people with limited vision will be available at the new Canal Exploration Center, in late 2014.
Ohio Winter Special Olympics Cross-Country Skiers

Winter Special Olympics cross-country skiers gather before the race.

NPS/Ted Toth

If You Have a Cognitive Disability

  • Ohio Winter Special Olympics are held annually in the national park.
  • Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center and Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad can accommodate groups of children or adults with special needs.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available for groups of adults and/or teens with cognitive disabilities. For example, the BraVo! group from United Disability Services has assisted with preparing bells for The Polar Express™ train program and with Adopt-a-Trail. To learn more, contact the volunteer office at 330-657-2296 or volunteer@forcvnp.org.

If you or your organization have suggestions for programming that makes the national park more accessible to visitors with special needs, call 440-546-5992 or e-mail e-mail us. We would love to partner with a variety of groups concerned with accessibility issues.

Download our Meeting Your Special Needs site bulletin.

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