Tumacácori: Illustrated

painted illustration of mission grounds with mountains in the background

Painting by James Mann


The Natural Landscape


The Cultivated Landscape


The Mission Core

  • illustration of walled cemetery with round mortuary chapel inside
    Sorrow and Tragedy

    Disease ravaged mission populations. Most of the burials at Tumacácori were of children under the age of 5.

  • illustration of mission church with scaffolding
    Pride of the Mission

    Standing three stories tall and boasting the most elaborate architecture and decoration, the church took more than 20 years to build.

  • illustration of convento courtyard with arched covered walkways

    A convento (not to be confused with "convent") functioned similar to a modern-day shopping mall.

  • illustration of busy plaza in front of church with ramadas and human figures
    Daily Life
    The Plaza

    At its peak of activity, this bustling community space served as the backdrop to the lives of nearly 200 mission residents.


Meet The Neighbors


Building a Mission

Last updated: September 28, 2022

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