San Ignacio de Tubac

1767 Map of Tubac
1767 Map of San Ignacio de Tubac by José de Urrutia
The legend says: Plan of the Presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac in the Province of Sonora, located at 32 degrees and 3 minutes latitude north, and 252 degrees and 24 minutes longitude counted from the Tenerife meridian. Explanantion: A. Captain's house; B. Guardhouse; C. Cemetery; D Church begun at the expense of the captain. Note: all of the building materials of ths presidio are adobes. Scale: two hundred fathoms. Joseph de Urrutia
The map also shows the roads to Tumacácori, Altar, San Xavier del Bac, and Sonoitac; the Tubac River (today the Santa Cruz River); and the ditch for irrigating.

Courtesy of British Library


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