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The National Park Service (NPS) History Collection includes over three million documents, photographs, video and sound recordings, scrapbooks and photo albums, and other materials. Available finding aids are below. Email the archivist for more information about these or other collections.

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Collection Guides

Thomas J. Allen Photograph Collection: Allen's photographs documenting his career in the NPS from 1920-1965.

Assembled Historic Records of the NPS (9159 KB, PDF).

Robert Cahn Papers: Correspondence, research notes, recordings, and transcripts related to development of the 1985 book "The Birth of the National Park Service: The Founding Years, 1913-1933" by Horace M. Albright as told to Robert Cahn.

Howard H. Chapman Slide Collection: Chapman's color transparencies (slides) documenting his career and travels to national parks and monuments. Chapman's personal diaries, which document significant events and conversations from 1971-1986, are included.

General Milton F. Davis Papers: Maps of Yosemite, General Grant, and Sequioia national parks created by Davis in the 1890s during his tenure with the 4th U.S. Calvary. Correspondence with Yosemite National Park Superintendent Lawrence C. Merriam and members of a July 1919 auto tour are included.

Dorothy Boyle Huyck Papers: Records created by or assembled by Huyck for freelance articles and other products related to the NPS, particularly camping and conservation issues. Includes correspondence, research notebooks, brochures and pamphlets regarding NPS sites, NPS management plans, and news clippings.

Polly Welts Kaufman Papers: Research (including oral history interviews) compiled by Kaufman for her book National Parks and the Woman's Voice: A History. Also includes additional research about "early savers" (Kaufman's term for women who were involved in getting national parks and monuments established) for a planned book that was never written. [Note: parts of this collection have not yet been processed and described.]

List of NPS Employee Papers and Working Files (135.27 KB, PDF).

Stephen Tyng Mather Film Collection: 16mm films taken by NPS Director Stephen T. Mather with his personal movie camera as he traveled throughout national parks, ca. 1924-1929. Also includes a small number of commercial productions related to national parks.

National Park Service Oral History Collection 1937-2017 (795 KB, PDF).

Henry G. Peabody Photograph Collection: Peabody's lantern slides and guides published as illustrated lectures for national parks.

E.B. Thompson Negative Collection: Ezra B. Thompson's images of national parks and other locations or subjects. NPS sites include C&O Canal, Harpers Ferry, Great Falls, Arlington House: the Robert E. Lee Memorial, Glen Echo, Mount Rainier, National Mall (particularly the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial), Rock Creek Park, Shenandoah, Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone, and the White House.

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