Condors with Blue Tags

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Condors with blue wing tags are older birds that hatched between 2003-2005. The blue signifies that they are "300" birds. For example, a blue tag with a 10 on it is actually condor 310.
Condor 310 flying
Condor 310 in flight.

Tim Huntington


Hatched: 5/11/2003 at the Los Angeles Zoo
Sex: Female
Released in Pinnacles: 2004
Previous Mate: Ventana Wildlife Society (VWS) condor 219
Offspring: VWS condor 574, Pinnacles condors 745 and 835 (deceased 2019)
Fun Fact: Oldest Pinnacles condor
Condor 317 in flight
Condor 317 in flight.

Tim Huntington


Hatched: 5/26/2003 at the San Diego Wild Animal Park
Sex: Female
Released in Pinnacles: 2004
Previous Mates: VWS condor 318 (deceased 2012); VWS condor 171
Offspring: VWS condor 787 (deceased 2017)
Fun Fact: In 2010, laid the first condor egg seen in Pinnacles since 1898; unfortunately the nest failed. She also successfully raised a chick (787) with a female partner (171)
Condor 340 perched in a tree.
Condor 340 perched in a tree.

NPS/Gavin Emmons


Hatched: 5/9/04 at the Oregon Zoo
Name: Kun-Wac-Shun, meaning "Thunder and Lightning"- named by Chief Nelson Wallulutum of the Wasco tribe
Sex: Male
Released in Pinnacles: 2005
Previous Mate: VWS condor 444 (deceased 2014)
Current Mate: VWS condor 236
Offspring: Condors 828 and 912
Fun Fact: One of the most dominant condors in the flock; raised the first condor chick (828) to fledge from a nest in Pinnacles in over 100 years


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