Condors with Black Tags

Condors with black wing tags are "500" birds. This means that if you see a black tag with a 50 on it, that's condor 550.
An adult condor with a black wing tag perches in a flight pen.
Condor 550 perched.

Mike Baird


Hatched: 3/24/2010 in Pinnacles National Park
Sex: Female
Released in Pinnacles: 2011
Mate: VWS condor 652

Offspring: VWS condors 1030 (deceased 2020), 1095, and 1230

Fun Fact: Hatched in a nest in Pinnacles to foster parents condor 317 and VWS condor 318 (deceased 2012); she had to be evacuated from the nest due to lead poisoning, and was later released from captivity after treatment

An adult condor in flight, taken from above.
Condor 589 in flight.

Tim Huntington -


Hatched: 6/13/10 at the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho
Sex: Male
Released in Pinnacles: 2011
Mate: VWS condor 569
Offspring: condors 878 (deceased 2020), 996, 1078, 1145, and 1215
Fun Fact: Spends most of his time in Pinnacles, and can frequently be seen getting affectionate with his mate 569

Last updated: July 25, 2023

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