Condors With Orange Tags

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Condors with orange wing tags are "1000" birds. This means that an orange tag with a 6 on it would be condor 1006.
A young condor with a black head and orange tags perches on a rock.
Condor 1006 perched on a rock.

Mark O'Brien


Hatched: Estimated 4/15/2019 from a wild nest outside of Pinnacles
Sex: Female
Parents: Condor 330 and Ventana Wildlife Society condor 375 (deceased 2020)
Fun Fact: Biologists were completely surprised to see 1006 flying with her parents in the fall of 2019; they didn't think that 330 and 375 were nesting that year. This is the pair's third offspring that they have raised in secret outside of the park!


1021 (No Current Photo)

Hatched: 3/27/2020 in a wild nest outside of Pinnacles
Sex: Male
Parents: Condors 564 (deceased 2021) and 317
Fun Fact: Biologists weren't sure of his existance until they trapped an untagged juvenile and a blood test revealed who he was!


1027 (No Current Photo)

Hatched: 4/19/2020 in a wild nest in Pinnacles
Sex: Female
Parents: Condor 340 and VWS condor 236
Fun Fact: Biologists entered her nest at 40 days old and gave her a microchip, but were unable to give her a wing tag in the nest when she was older due to unsafe conditions. When an untagged juvenile condor was eventually trapped the next year, a microchip scan revealed that it was 1027!


1034 (No Current Photo)

Hatched: 4/28/2020 in a wild nest outside of Pinnacles
Sex: Male
Parents: Condor 606 (deceased 2021) and VWS condor 747
Fun Fact: Biologists didn't know he existed until a local landowner sent in photos of 606, 747, and an untagged juvenile on his property!

Last updated: July 19, 2021

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