Condors With Orange Tags

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Condors with orange wing tags are "1000" birds. This means that an orange tag with a 6 on it would be condor 1006.
A young condor with a black head and orange tags perches on a rock.
Condor 1006 perched on a rock.

Mark O'Brien


Hatched: Estimated 4/15/2019 from a wild nest outside of Pinnacles
Sex: Female
Parents: Condor 330 and Ventana Wildlife Society condor 375 (deceased 2020)
Fun Fact: Biologists were completely surprised to see 1006 flying with her parents in the fall of 2019; they didn't think that 330 and 375 were nesting that year. This is the pair's third offspring that they have raised in secret outside of the park!

Last updated: March 17, 2021

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