Condors with Tan Tags

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Condors with tan tags are "900" birds, meaning a tan tag with a 12 on it would be condor 912.
Condor 912 in flight.
Condor 912 nibbling another condor.

Tim Huntington -


Hatched: 3/30/2018 from a wild nest in Pinnacles National Park
Sex: Male
Parents: Condor 340 and Ventana Wildlife Society condor 236
Fun Fact: Fledged from his nest almost a month early

Condor 943 in flight.
Condor 943 perched.

Tim Huntington -


Hatched: 5/17/2018 at the Oregon Zoo
Released in Pinnacles: 1/2020
Sex: Male
Fun Fact: Survived nearly 3 weeks without eating when an aluminum can was stuck to his beak; luckily, biologists were able to help him!

Condor 961 perched.
Condor 961 perched on the ground.

Mike Baird


Name: Xanan (HAH-nan), meaning "to fly" in the Chumash langauge
Hatched: 3/21/2019 at the San Diego Zoo
Sex: Female
Released in Pinnacles: 11/14/2020
Fun Fact: 961 was rather quiet and reserved in the flight pen, but as soon as she was released, she got the hang of flying much faster than the other juveniles!

Condor 970 in flight.
Condor 970 in flight.

Tim Huntington -


Hatched: 3/31/2019 at the Oregon Zoo
Released in Pinnacles: 2/28/2021
Sex: Female
Fun Fact: Along with 972, she was flown to Pinnacles from the captive breeding facility in a small aircraft thanks to dedicated volunteer pilots!

Condor 972 in flight.
Condor 972 in flight.

Tim Huntington -


Hatched: 4/9/2019 at the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, ID
Released in Pinnacles: 2/15/21
Sex: Male
Fun Fact: Along with 970, was flown to Pinnacles from the captive breeding site in a small airplane!

Condor 986 perched.
Condor 986 perched.

Tim Huntington -


Name: Kawkikat, meaning "winged one" from the Acjachemen tribe
Hatched: 4/29/2019
Sex: Male
Released in Pinnacles: 11/13/2020
Fun Fact: Was notoriously wily and hard to capture in the flight pen

Condor 996 perched outside his nest.
Condor 996 perched outside his nest.

NPS/Gavin Emmons


Hatched: 5/25/2019 from a wild nest in Pinnacles
Sex: Male
Parents: Condor 589 and Ventana Wildlife Society condor 569
Fun Fact: The parents' second offspring, after condor 878 (deceased 2020) in 2017. However, blood tests revealed that although 589 raised 996 as his own, he was not the biological father! 569, the mother, apparantly had some alone time with condor 606 (deceased 2021) earlier in the year; this younger male turned out to be the real father of 996. Scandalous!

Last updated: July 20, 2021

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