Condors with Purple Tags

Condors with purple wing tags are "600" birds. For example, a purple tag with a 92 on it would be condor 692.
Condor 626 perched.
Condor 626 perched.

Mike Baird


Hatched: 5/30/11 at the Oregon Zoo
Sex: Female
Released in Pinnacles: 2013
Current Mate: Ventana Wildlife Society (VWS) condor 729
Offspring: VWS condor 1231
Fun Fact: She's a late bloomer...626 didn't find a mate until she was 12 years old, while most condors find mates between 6-8 years old!
Adult condor in flight.
Condor 692 in flight.

Tim Huntington -


Hatched: 4/26/13 at the Oregon Zoo
Sex: Male
Released in Pinnacles: 2015
Current Mate: Ventana Wildlife Society condor 726
Fun Fact: Has always been very affectionate with other condors in the flock, and used to be in a "trio" relationship with another male (Condor 463, deceased 2020) and 726. He is also one of the most mischevious birds in the flock, and has been known to try and steal people's belongings in the High Peaks!

Last updated: March 2, 2024

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