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THE PRESIDENTS of the United States
Survey of
Historic Sites and Buildings

FOR the convenience of users of this volume, sites and buildings are listed alphabetically by State. The following code indicates site categories:

National Park Service National Park System unit
National Historic Landmark National Historic Landmark

SINCE the publication of this document (1977) the status of some of these properties may have changed during the ensuing years. Where available, links are provided from each site to current Web pages that contain up-to-date information on these sites, including visitation information. While most of the sites are open to the public, some sites remain closed to visitation.

The Presidents: Historic Sites of National Significance (as of 1977) (click on image for an enlargement in a new window)

Nixon Birthplace, Calif.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Canada

District of Columbia
"Corn Rigs," or Anderson House, D.C.
Ford's Theatre National Historic Site, D.C.
Jefferson Memorial, D.C.
Lafayette Square Historic District, D.C.
Lincoln Memorial, D.C.
Monroe-Adams-Abbe House, D.C.
Octagon House, D.C.
Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site, D.C.
Theodore Roosevelt Island Park, D.C.
St. John's Episcopal Church, D.C.
The White House, D.C.
United States Capitol, D.C.
Washington Monument, D.C.
Wilson House, D.C.

Grant Home, Ill.
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Ill.
Lincoln Tomb, Ill.

Grouseland, Ind.
Harrison (Benjamin) Home, Ind.
Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, Ind.

Hoover National Historic Site, Iowa

Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, Ky.
Springfield, Ky.

Camp David (Catoctin Mountain Park), Md.

Adams (John) Birthplace, Mass.
Adams (John Quincy) Birthplace, Mass.
Adams National Historic Site, Mass.
Kennedy Compound, Mass.
Kennedy National Historic Site, Mass.
United First Parish Church (Unitarian), Mass.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Mo.
Harry S Truman National Historic Site, Mo.

New Hampshire
Pierce Homestead, N.H.

New Jersey
Westland, N.J.

New York
Arthur Home, N.Y.
Federal Hall National Memorial, N.Y.
Fillmore House, N.Y.
General Grant National Memorial, N.Y.
Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, N.Y.
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, N.Y.
Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site, N.Y.
Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, N.Y.
Van Buren National Historic Site, N.Y.

North Dakota
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, N. Dak.

Harding Home, Ohio
Lawnfield, Ohio
McKinley Tomb, Ohio
Spiegel Grove, Ohio
Taft National Historic Site, Ohio

Eisenhower National Historic Site, Pa.
Independence National Historical Park, Pa.
Wheatland, Pa.

South Dakota
Mount Rushmore National Memorial, S. Dak.

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site, Tenn.
Polk Home, Tenn.
The Hermitage, Tenn.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Site, Tex.

Coolidge Homestead, Vt.

Berkeley, Va.
Monroe Tomb, Va.
Monticello, Va.
Montpelier, Va.
Mount Vernon, Va.
Oak Hill, Va.
Poplar Forest, Va.
Sherwood Forest, Va.
Tuckahoe, Va.
Washington Birthplace National Monument, Va.
Wilson Birthplace, Va.

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