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Boomtown: Visiting Skagway, Alaska

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Skagway has long been a bustling summer hub.  Get the most out of your visit by learning about some of the history and park activities in this short video.


Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park commemorates the struggles and accomplishments of all who participated in the Klondike Gold Rush. Whether you are a history lover or want to see more of Alaska's outstanding scenery, the Park has something for you. Here are some ideas to consider for your time in here:

If you have half a day, begin your tour at the National Park Visitor Center located in the restored 1898 rail depot at 2nd & Broadway.

  • Ask for free tickets for the Ranger-led walking tour. (1 hour)
  • See the free park film, "Gold Fever: Race to the Klondike." (30 minutes)
  • Attend an auditorium program. Offered daily at 10:00 am. Topics change daily.
  • Visit the park museum adjacent to the Visitor Center and stroll through the restored historic Mascot Saloon.
  • Experience the gold rush at the Junior Ranger Activity Center. Great for families.
  • To old to be a Jr Ranger? Become a Deputy Ranger, ask for details or get started at home!

If you plan to spend an entire day, there will be time to sample one or more hiking trails in Skagway or drive to Dyea

  • Walk an easy trail and look for marine life from Yakutania Point.
  • Explore Skagway's Gold Rush Cemetery and photograph Lower Reid Falls.
  • Enjoy a view of Skagway and hike through the forest to Lower Dewey Lake.
  • Attend a Ranger-led tour through the former boom town of Dyea.
  • Visit the Skagway City Museum at 7th and Spring St.

With multiple days in Skagway, your options increase.

Note: Passports are required when driving to and from Skagway on the South Klondike Highway and when hiking the Chilkoot trail.

Contact the Park

Mailing Address:

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
P.O. Box 517

Skagway, AK 99840


(907) 983-9200
Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday

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