North Rim

Visitors at overlook on the left looking out across Grand Canyon at three temples.
View of Deva, Brahma, and Zoroaster Temples as seen from Grand Canyon Lodge

The North Rim is Open for the Season

ALERT: Bright Angel Point Trail on the North Rim —from Grand Canyon Lodge to Bright Angel Point —is now closed for extensive repairs. Details
Visitors sitting on the veranda of the North Rim Lodge looking out at Grand Canyon
Taking in the view from the patio of Grand Canyon Lodge


A worthwhile trip for those who enjoy the road less traveled, the North Rim, or "other side" of Grand Canyon is visited by only 10% of all park visitors.

  • North Rim is over 8000 feet (2438 m.) in elevation.
  • The North Rim campground, inside the park, is operated by the NPS.
  • The Lodge and Campground close for the season on October 16, 2024.


  • Hiking across the Grand Canyon from South Rim to North Rim is a total of 21 miles (34 km).
  • Hiking the 21 miles (34 km) from South Rim to North Rim includes a 4860 ft (1480 m) elevation loss from South Rim to Colorado River, followed by a 5850 ft (1780 m) elevation gain from the river to the North Rim.
Flight of stairs leads up to front entrance of rustic North Rim visitor center.
The North Rim Visitor Center is adjacent to Grand Canyon Lodge

NPS/M. Quinn

North Rim Visitor Center

Hours: 8 am to 6 pm daily
Located adjacent to the parking lot for Grand Canyon Lodge and Bright Angel Point. A a Grand Canyon Conservancy Park Store with books and souvenirs is inside.

Public restrooms and outdoor exhibits are located behind the visitor center building.

Rangers are staffing an outdoor information desk at the Roaring Springs Overlook Kiosk. More about the info desk and daily ranger programs

Two interior photos in North Rim Visitor Center. Left: Exhibit area with round relief map in foreground. Right: Bookstore and gift shop.
Interior of North Rim Visitor Center. Left: exhibit area; right: Grand Canyon Conservancy bookstore and gift shop.
Left: front entrance to rustic Grand Canyon Lodge features log and stone construction. Right: looking down Bright Angel Point Trail as it recedes into the distance; tiny people walking on trail.
Left: main entrance to Grand Canyon Lodge. Right: walking the trail out to Bright Angel Point from the lodge. This trail is closed for extensive repairs.

Bright Angel Point

As of Friday, June 21, 2024, the Bright Angel Point Trail on the North Rim —leading from Grand Canyon Lodge to Bright Angel Point —is closed for construction. This closure is necessary for the protection of staff and visiting public during an extensive repair effort to the Bright Angel Point Trail. Read the news release: 6/13/2024

From the lodge the paved, Bright Angel Point Trail, 0.5 mile (0.8 km) round-trip trail, leads out the spine of the ridge to Bright Angel Point. This trail is steep in places, with drop-offs and stairs, but provides dramatic views into Roaring Springs and Bright Angel Canyons.

During the closure, the Transept Trail and the North Rim Scenic Roads should remain open.


North Rim Pocket Map and Services Guide

In place of a newspaper, the North Rim Pocket Map and Services Guide is now being distributed at entrance stations, visitor centers, lodges, campgrounds, stores, and out-of-park locations.

Graphic shows front (listing of services) and back (maps) of North Rim Pocket Map - the PDF version is accessible.
Front and back sides of the North Rim Pocket Map and Services Guide. Click on the image to download as an accessible PDF file (2.2 MB)

Additional North Rim Services

Backcountry Information Center

Hours 8 am to noon and 1 to 5 pm daily
The backcountry information center is located in the NPS administration building. Here you will find maps, trail information, and helpful park rangers ready to answer your questions, issue backcountry permits, and help you plan your trip.

Gas Station

24 hour pay at the pump (only accepting credit and debit cards).
The North Rim Service Station is located on the entrance road into the Campground. Gasoline and diesel fuel is available here.

Note: Although the park is exploring options for installation of Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure, the charging of Electric Vehicles can not be accommodated at this time. The nearest electric charging stations to North Rim are located in Kanab, UT.

Garage Services

The Service Station inside the park does not provide any repair services, only gasoline and diesel fuel.

Unleaded fuel, propane, diesel, tire repair, and some auto supplies are available at the North Rim Country Store (by Kaibab Lodge) 18.5 miles/ 30 km north. Open from May 15 to Oct. 15, 2023, seven days a week.

The service station at Jacob Lake 45 miles/ 75 km north, provides emergency repairs such as tires, belts, batteries, fuses, hoses, etc. Diesel fuel is also available at Jacob Lake. (928) 643-7232 Open all year.

Guest Laundry and Showers (Coin Operated)

Hours: 7 am to 7 pm (staffed) - 7 pm to 10 pm (unstaffed) daily
Located on the access road leading to the North Rim Campground.

Post Office

Hours: 8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm (weekdays)
Located in the Grand Canyon Lodge complex.


Emergency services are provided by park rangers on duty. Dial 911 from your phone.

Lost and Found

For information about lost and found property contact the visitor center information desk or the Grand Canyon Lodge front desk, or call (928) 638-261 Mail: Lost and Found, North Rim Lodge, Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim, Arizona 86052

Book and Gift Shops

Grand Canyon Conservancy Park Store in the Visitor Center Building:
Hours: 8 am to 6 pm daily

Grand Canyon Lodge Gift Shop:
Hours: 8 am to 9 pm daily

North Rim General Store by the Campground:
Hours: 7 am to 9 pm
General Store, groceries, coffee bar, souvenirs, camping supplies.

Camping Equipment

Camping, hiking, and backpacking equipment may be purchased at the General Store at the entrance to the North Rim Campground.

North Rim Mule Trips

Visit Grand Canyon Trail Rides' website or call 435-679-8665 for more information and to book a trip —Rides are offered between May 15 and October 15, 2023.

Religious Services

Religious services may be offered on the North Rim of the park. The National Park Service does not endorse any group or message. See the bulletin board in the lodge for the schedule of services.

Left: Pointed Mt. Hayden at sunset with deepening shadows around the nearby formations. Right: A jagged narrow ridgeline leading down and to the right, then widening at the base of massive flat-topped Wotan's Throne.
Left: view of Mt. Hayden from Point Imperial, highest overlook in the park at 8,803 feet (2,683 meters). Right: view from Cape Royal across to Wotan's Throne.

North Rim Scenic Drives

Point Imperial and Cape Royal are reached via winding scenic drives. The trip to both points, with short walks at each and several stops at pullouts along the way, can easily take half a day.

  • NOTE: RVs over 22 feet long, and vehicle-trailer combinations with a total length over 22 feet, are not permitted on the Scenic Drive due to narrow, windy roads with blind corners.

Point Imperial

The highest point on the North Rim at 8,803 feet (2,683 meters), overlooks the Painted Desert and the eastern end of Grand Canyon. Here the canyon transforms as the narrow walls of Marble Canyon, visible only as a winding gash, open dramatically to become "grand." Layers of red and black Precambrian rocks, not visible at Bright Angel Point, add contrast and color. Part of the viewpoint is accessible.

Cape Royal

Provides a panorama up, down, and across the canyon. With seemingly unlimited vistas to the east and west, it is popular for both sunrise and sunset. The sweeping turn of the Colorado River at Unkar Delta is framed through the natural arch of Angels Window. Look for the Desert View Watchtower across the canyon on the South Rim. This popular viewpoint is accessible via a paved, level trail.

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There is something about the North Rim of Grand Canyon that invokes a sense of solitude and serenity. This is a place that invites you to slow down, to ponder, to feel your own innate creativity, and to fall in love with landscape.


Winter Camping with a Backcountry Permit

North Rim roads are closed to all vehicles between December 1st, 2024, and May 14, 2025, and no visitor services are available. During these winter months backpackers, snowshoers, and cross-country skiers are permitted to use the North Rim Campground, provided a backcountry use permit has been obtained in advance. – These permits are available through the South Rim Backcountry Information Center. (e-mail us or call 928-638-7875)

The closest place to park during this time is Jacob Lake. The hike through the snow from Jacob Lake to the North Rim Campground is around 45 miles. Hikers, snowshoers, and cross-country skiers will need to remain off the closed road (per Superintendent's Compendium re: safety from snowplows) and forge a path through the snow.

North Kaibab Trail is open with intermittent trail closures in effect to clear remaining rockfall areas.

The National Park Service emphasizes the importance of staying on designated trails at all times and hikers should not attempt to go over or around a closure. Trail users should pay attention to directions from park rangers, volunteers, and signs placed along the trail.  Details

  • Note about Snowmobiles: Snowmobiles are not permitted within the park.

  • Note about the Yurt: The North Rim yurt was removed because of safety issues and is no longer available.

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