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A row of five Grand Canyon National Park Emergency Vehicles parked in front of their garages.
Grand Canyon National Park Emergency Vehicles

There are currently No Emergency Incidents
underway at Grand Canyon National Park.

In the event of an emergency, this page will be updated as needed.


Basic Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Revised May 2018

Sign up for emergency notifications at coconino.az.gov/ready

Why Evacuate?

An evacuation of Grand Canyon National Park may be necessary due to a wildland fire, a hazardous materials incident, natural disaster, or a hostage or terrorism incident.

READY: SET: GO! All residents should get:

READY: Prepare now, for the upcoming fire season. Register for Coconino County emergency notifications at http://coconino.az.gov/ready and prepare for emergencies with the 5 P’s: People and pet supplies, Prescriptions, Papers, Personal needs, and Priceless items. No action is necessary for those already registered in the “Code Red” system.

SET: Be alert, when there is significant danger in your area. Consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area. This might be the only notice you receive.

GO!: Evacuate, danger in your area is current and life-threatening. Evacuate immediately to a shelter or to family/friends outside the affected area. Follow instructions from emergency personnel, and stay on designated evacuation routes.

Evacuation Notification
Register at http://coconino.az.gov/ready to receive the signal to evacuate. When electrical power is still available there will also be a continuous sounding of the fire siren for five minutes or longer. This signal may be repeated. AM/FM radio announcements will be made through the Emergency Alert System (EAS). EAS announcements can be heard on several local radio stations including
• KAFF 930 AM and 92.9 FM

Incident Information Center
During a large-scale emergency, the Park’s Incident Information Center will be activated. Please contact the Incident Information Center recorded information line at (928) 638-7688 and follow the parks social media feeds.

Evacuation Routes
In the event of an evacuation, evacuation routes will be marked with signs and/or personnel assigned to direct traffic. It is critical that you follow the designated evacuation routes and any instructions provided by emergency or law enforcement personnel.

Evacuation Collection Centers
During an evacuation, the American Red Cross and Coconino County will establish shelters. These shelters will be used for registration, information, and assistance. Locations are not pre-established – they will be announced during the evacuation.

For South Rim residents shelters may be set up in Williams or Flagstaff.

For North Rim residents shelters may be set up in Fredonia, Page or another sites.

Inner canyon shelters may be established at Havasupai Gardens and Phantom Ranch.

Evacuation of Pets
Include care of pets in your family’s evacuation plans. You may not be home when an evacuation order comes. It is strongly encouraged that pet owners arrange in advance for a friend or neighbor to move your pets out and meet at the designated evacuation shelter. Be sure to take the necessary supplies to care for your pet for an extended period of time. The Red Cross and Coconino County will make every effort to locate animal shelters close to human designed shelters however; most evacuation facilities do not allow pets to co-mingle with other evacuees. Sheltered pets will need to be kept under physical control at all times.

Partial Area Evacuations
Local emergency conditions may require the immediate need for a partial or neighborhood evacuation. Park emergency personnel may contact residents directly and use http://coconino.az.gov/ready to give the signal to evacuate. Please follow their instructions.

Safety Zone
A Safety Zone is a large open area to gather if you cannot safely evacuate the Park.
South Rim: Grand Canyon Visitor Center parking areas
Desert View: Watchtower parking area
North Rim: North Kaibab Trail parking lot, DeMotte and Little Park areas, Cape Royal parking are, W-1 Road (the Basin), North Kaibab Trail Below Supai Tunnel
Inner Canyon: Havasupai Gardens and Phantom Ranch

Disabled and Special Needs Residents
Individuals who need aid in the event of an evacuation are encouraged to plan ahead with neighbors, friends, and relatives. When registering at http://coconino.az.gov/ready be sure to complete the relevant sections if you are mobility limited and would need assistance during an evacuation.

If help is not readily available at the time of an evacuation order, call the Grand Canyon Regional Communications Center emergency line at (928) 638-7805, or locally dial 911 for assistance.

Returning Home
Once you have evacuated, you may not return home until authorized to do so by the local officials. Current incident information may be available through the local AM and FM radio stations, NOAA Weather Radio, the officials at the evacuation shelters, through www.azein.gov, or the NPS Incident Information Center by calling (928) 638-7688 or 1-800-901-3880 for a recorded message.

Evacuation Checklist:

Essential Items

 Medications, dentures, hearing aids, and prescription glasses/contact lenses
 Important papers (birth certificates, insurance policies, etc.) if immediately available
 Driver's license, passport, and other identification
 Baby food and diapers
 Checkbook, credit cards, cash
 Pets and pet food, medication, leash or carrier
 Personal toilet articles and sanitary needs
 Sleeping bags or blankets
 Flashlight and extra batteries
 Portable battery-powered radio
 Change of clothing for each person
 Food – nonperishable, ready-to-eat, & drinking water
 Recreational items – games, cards, books, etc.
 Cell phone and charging cable
 Irreplaceable items and personal mementos
 Valuables

Essential Actions

 Disconnect all appliances except the
refrigerator and freezer
 Close and lock all doors and windows
 Leave exterior and porch lights on
 Secure outdoor possessions and equipment
 Secure or hide valuables
 Turn off the gas before leaving (Know how to do this well in advance!)
 Tie a white or light-colored pillowcase, towel, or similar item to the front door handle to indicate the residence has been evacuated
 Follow instructions of emergency personnel
 Register at the designated evacuation collection center (Locations will be announced during evacuation)

Last updated: November 14, 2022

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