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A scenic view of Bright Angel Point.

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North Rim Is Open for Day Use Only

Grand Canyon Lodge, all food services, general store and the North Rim Campground are closed for the winter. The North Rim is open for Day Use from October 16 through November 30, 2022, unless roads are closed by a major snowstorm.

  • Due to freezing temperatures, the water has been turned OFF for the season at North Kaibab Trailhead and Supai Tunnel. Water is available year-round outside of the North Rim Administration Building. The Backcountry Information Office (inside the Administration Building) will close on October 31, 2022.
  • As of this update: water remains on at Cottonwood Campground.
  • Pay-at-the-pump gasoline and diesel fuel, is available at the service station: credit and debit cards only.

North Rim Ranger Programs CLOSED

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For Reference, here is the listing of programs that were presented during the 2022 Season

Canyon View Walk

8:30 through 10 am, Thursday and Sunday. Meet at the Campground Kiosk
Immerse yourself in the immensity of Grand Canyon and the intricacies of the Kaibab Plateau during this 90-minute ranger-led walk along the Transept Trail.

What is the Future of Grand Canyon?

10-10:20 am, Daily, Bright Angel Point Amphitheater
Bring your curiosity. Join a ranger for a 20-minute deep dive into collaborative efforts to protect Grand Canyon National Park into the future.

Behind the Scenery

3:30-3:50 pm, Daily, Bright Angel Point Amphitheater
Explore your connections and uncover the stories between the canyon's colorful walls during this 20-minute ranger-led experience.

Tonight's Sky Live

Times vary, offered twice per month, Bright Angel Point Amphitheater
What's happening in the night sky? Stop by to chat with a ranger and take in the grandeur of Grand Canyon's internationally renowned dark skys. Check at the Visitor Center for the current schedule.

  • All outdoor ranger programs are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather or when lightning danger is present...

  • Note: Children must be accompanied by an adult on all programs. All programs are free of charge.

A small, rustic style information kiosk between a scenic overlook and a parking lot, beneath tall treesl
During the 2022 season, from May 15, through October 16, park rangers were available to answer questions between 10 am to 4 pm daily, at the historic kiosk, north of the lodge and visitor center building, along the rim at Roaring Springs Canyon Overlook.


Closures & Seasonal Exceptions


North Rim Special Events

a woman sitting at a table and painting designs on a white vase. A display of small clay containers is in the foreground.
Eileen Yatsattie, Zuni Potter

NPS Photo/Nancy K. Varga

Native American Heritage Days

August 4 through 7, 2022. Scroll down for the complete schedule.

The event takes place every August. It celebrates the rich cultural diversity of the Colorado Plateau, the Arizona Strip, and the Grand Canyon region.

Heritage Days 2022 was a big success. Between the participants and their families, there were 39 people representing most of Grand Canyon’s 11 associated tribes. There were a total of 1,121 visitor contacts during the special programming that took place during the four days of the event.

Throughout Native American Heritage Days, special programs were offered by tribal members on a variety of subjects, ranging from astronomy to Native American music and dance. Activities and cultural demonstrations took place in and around Grand Canyon Lodge.

Heritage Days began in 1993 as “Paiute Days” which celebrated the Paiute, the tribe most associated with Grand Canyon's North Rim. In 1997, the event was expanded to include all 11 tribes with cultural ties to Grand Canyon.

22 people arranged in two rows are posing for a group photo by a stone wall overlooking several peaks that rise from the floor of a vast canyon.
2022 Heritage Days presenters, cultural demonstrators and park staff pose for a group photo on the Veranda of Grand Canyon Lodge.

NPS photo, August 7, 2022.


Schedule of Events - August 4 through 7, 2022

Thursday, August 4th

6:30 pm (Navajo) Dineh Tah’ Dance Performance on Veranda
Watch traditional Navajo dances and songs of the Diné people.

Friday, August 5th

10 am (Navajo) Dineh Tah’ Dance Performance on Veranda
Watch traditional Navajo dances and songs of the Diné people.

3 pm (Southern Paiute) Autumn Gillard – The Amazing Nuwuvi Universe
Learn about the cultural connection that the Southern Paiute have with the dark sky.

5 pm (Navajo) Milton Tso – Flute Performance
Enjoy a traditional Diné flute performance on the lodge veranda.

8 pm (Southern Paiute) Autumn Gillard – The Amazing Nuwuvi Universe
Learn about the cultural connection that the Southern Paiute have with the dark sky.

Saturday, August 6th

9:30 am (Yavapai-Apache) Yavapai Apache Warriorettes Dance
Enjoy a traditional dance on the lodge veranda.

11:30 am (Navajo) Milton Tso – Flute performance on Veranda
Enjoy a traditional Diné flute performance on the lodge veranda.

3:30 pm (Zuni) Curtis Quam Zuni in the Grand Canyon & Zuni Map Art
Learn about the Zuni people’s connection to Grand Canyon with Curtis Quam. Meet in the lodge auditorium.

6:30 pm (Yavapai-Apache) Yavapai Apache Warriorettes Dance
Enjoy a traditional dance on the lodge veranda.

Sunday, August 7th

10:30 am (Yavapai-Apache) Yavapai Apache Warriorettes Dance
Enjoy a traditional dance on the lodge veranda.

12 pm (Navajo) Milton Tso – Flute Performance
Enjoy a traditional Diné flute performance on the lodge veranda.

4 pm (Yavapai-Apache) Yavapai Apache Warriorettes Dance
Enjoy a traditional dance on the lodge veranda.



Dineh Tah’ Navajo Dancers - Navajo/Diné (Albuquerque,NM)
Dineh Tah’ Navajo Dancers, are considered an outstanding group of young,talented, and disciplined individuals who continue to excel at their cultural program. Their unique program offers the finest in traditional and semi-contemporary performances, representing the beauty and rich spiritual traditions of the Diné (Navajo) people.

Autumn Gillard - Cedar Band of Paiutes (Pipe Spring National Monument, AZ)
Autumn is a descendant of the Cedar Band of Paiutes (part of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah) on her maternal side. She is a Southern Paiute astronomer, anthropologist, and ethnobotanist, who is currently working towards a master’s degree in cultural resource management. Autumn has been employed with the National Park Service for six years based at Pipe Spring National Monument.

Milton Tso - Navajo/Diné (Cameron, AZ)
Milton was born and raised on the reservation and has been playing the flute for over 10 years. He last performed at Heritage Days in 2019 and is excited to be back.

Yavapai-Apache Warriorettes - Yavapai-Apache (Camp Verde, AZ)
This dance group was created by Reba Franco and Gertrude Smith of the Yavapai-Apache Nation Cultural Center to help young girls show pride in who they are as young indigenous people and become immersed in their traditional culture and values. The Warriorette’s singers are a group called “Maswadae” who come from their sister tribe the Yavapai Nation of Ft. McDowell, Arizona. The Maswadae singing group is led by Ft. McDowell tribal member Albert Nelson, who has over the years brought back many of the Yavapai blessing songs, social songs and prayers that have not been heard in over 100 years.

Curtis Quam - Zuni - (Zuni, NM).
Curtis hasbeen working as Museum Technician and Cultural Educator, overseeing the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center for the past 20 years. He has worked with community members to create innovative ways to educate youth about Zuni beliefs and history. Curtis is a member of the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project among many other teams.


Cultural Demonstrators

LeAnn Jake-Shearer and Tavavee Nuvashant Shearer - Kaibab Paiute (Fredonia, AZ.)
LeAnn has spent the last 20 years as an independent cultural consultant and heritage demonstrator. She is currently working as the Cultural Preservation Director for the Kaibab Paiute Tribe teaching traditional life skills and contemporary heritage skills to the tribal community. LeAnn’s daughter Tavavee enjoys sharing her culture as one of the tribe’s younger heritage demonstrators. This year, they will be working on a contemporary rabbit blanket using traditional techniques. Although some resources are modern, the cultural knowledge and process of creating a Southern Paiute rabbit blanket are ancient skills that are still being passed down.

Richard Graymountain - San Juan Southern Paiute (Rock Point, AZ )
Richard is a member of the San Juan Southern Paiute tribe and is a member of the council. The San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe is well known for their fine weaving/basketry. Richard has been doing basketry for 30+ years and started when he was 7 years old.

Jessica Lomatewama - Hopi (Hotevilla, AZ)
Jessica has been weaving the Third Mesa style of basketry for 40 years. She gathers her materials from the desert and prepares them for weaving. Jessica uses three different types of materials - the Dunebroom plant is used for the frame of the basket, the Rabbit Brush is the weaving material, and the Narrow Leaf Yucca is used to finish the edge of the basket.

Duane Maktima - Hopi, paternal - Laguna Pueblo, maternal (Glorieta, NM).
Duane Maktima (pronounced Mock-ty-ma) is an artist/designer/craftsman who studied Fine Art at Northern Arizona University. His work reflects the historical legacy of the cultural art forms of the indigenous southwest people. He has been a master jeweler for 49 years as well as a public speaker who has achieved many accolades.

Henry Nez - Navajo/Diné (Pinon, AZ)
Henry has been silversmithing since age 14. He was taught by his older brother and uncle. He has been participating in Heritage Days for a longtime! Henry enjoys meeting different people from all walks of life, and will be demonstrating different designs of his jewelry.

Lyle J. Harvey - Navajo/Diné (Rock Point, AZ)
Lyle has worked with youth and educators for 14 years through his company Báhózhóní Consulting. He provides many services such as behavioral health programs, character building, horseman presentations, weaving symposiums, and cultural storytelling/ presentations based on Diné language, culture, traditions, history and fundamental law, and so much more.



Learn More About Visiting the North Rim

  • South Rim Village Ranger Programs (209 mile/236 km drive)
    Ranger Programs are NOT being presented this week. Programs will resume during the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Twilight; lluminated by red light, a group of people are looking through telescopes on the veranda of a rustic lodge.
Telescope viewing on the veranda of Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim

Photo courtesy of Christian Schroll

North Rim Star Party 2023

June 10 through 17: with Saguaro Astronomy Club and Volunteers-in-Park

Astronomy related evening programs will be presented at 8 pm each evening in the auditorium of Grand Canyon Lodge. Telescopes are set up on the veranda of the Grand Canyon Lodge every evening.

Constellation talks are also given, throughout the evening.

By day, solar telescopes are set up at the lodge, the Visitor Center and the general store (by campground.)


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