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Show off your virtual time at Devils Tower.

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Start your virtual visit by exploring why Devils Tower is an important place for many people. As you dive deeper into the monument’s history, you will understand why so many different people feel a connection to the Tower, and begin to form your own.

Have you ever wanted to climb at Devils Tower? Now’s your chance! Take a virtual climb of the Tower with our 3D model. The first technical climb at Devils Tower happened in 1937. What can climbers expect to see while climbing the Tower today? What is at the top? Climbing to the summit of the Tower can change your perspective on this important geological feature.

If you like to keep your feet on the ground, you can take in the views at Devils Tower with our webcams. Check out the Tower from all over the park or try to spot some wildlife in Prairie Dog Town! Can you find prairie dogs or birds darting around?

Bad weather blocking the webcams? Our image galleries show the park in the best conditions, any time of year.


Become a Virtual Junior Ranger! Complete our Virtual Junior Ranger program activities to earn your badge and certificate! Explore your connection to nature through art and science.

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Park from Home

Experiencing nature remains a vital way for people to stay both physically and mentally healthy. Here are some activities to help recreate your Devils Tower experience at home!


Is camping one of your favorite park pastimes or are you a first time camper? This NPS camping guide is here to help you answer the call of the outdoors. No backyard, no problem! You can set up a tent indoors, too!

Once the sun sets, it’s time to stargaze! Go out and look up, or use these stargazing tips if you’re venturing a little farther than the front porch. How does your night sky compare to Devils Tower?

Wake up early to explore what's around you! Take a 1.3 mile hike or bike ride to recreate the experience of the Tower Trail. Go longer if you want to “lap” around the Tower. Make sure you prepare for your hike!

Listening to the sounds of the outdoors can play an important role in your connection to nature. What types of noise do you hear at home? Take a moment during your day to listen in. How does the sound around your home differ from the sounds of nature?


Other park activities you can do from home

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