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Walk the Tower Trail Loop

A bench along a trail overlooking a valley.

The Tower Trail is a 1.3-mile (2-km) paved walking path around the base of Devils Tower. Although it has a very steep start, and some uphill-downhill sections, the trail is generally easy to walk. Benches, waysides and beautiful views offer plenty of chances for relaxation.

Waysides throughout the trail help visitors learn about the natural and cultural history of the park. Access to rock scrambling is available from the trail, and many visitors enjoy watching the rock climbers as they make their way up and down the Tower.

This trail takes about 45-60 minutes to walk, and is a great way to experience the park for those visitors only staying a short time. Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water. The trail is open year round, but is not maintained in the winter. It commonly has packed snow and ice from December through April.
40 Minutes
Front-Country Hiking
All ages, but small children might need assistance with steep sections.
Pets are not allowed on any hiking trail in the park.
The path starts across the parking area outside the visitor center.

The trail is open year round, but is not maintained in the winter.

Summer: Very sunny and can get very hot.

Winter: Commonly has packed snow and ice.

Spring and Fall: Suggested best time to hike.

Any time. The Tower Trail is a perfect moonlit hike for prepared visitors. Be careful if hiking in the dark.
Accessibility Information
The Tower Trail is not accessible by ADA standards. The first section of the trail includes a +20% grade. Other sections have a +10% grade. However, it is a paved path; some parts are narrower than others, but it is a minimum of 30 inches wide. Visitors should use their own judgment if they would like to access this trail with a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility assistance device.

Devils Tower National Monument

Last updated: October 27, 2020