The people associated with Devils Tower National Monument represent a mixture of cultures. They include Native Americans, military explorers, early conservationists and modern rock climbers. The stories that associate these people with the Tower are mystifying and entertaining, filled with sorrow and hope. Like the columns and boulders that comprise the Tower, each person adds their own unique perspective to the history of Devils Tower National Monument.

Native Americans

There are 27 tribes affiliated with the Tower site; learn about some of these people - who they are, where they came from, and why the Tower is significant to their culture.

First Explorers

The United States government sent several expeditions into the Black Hills during the late 1800s. These men were responsible for exposing the nation to the Tower, and helped to shape the future of this region.

Early Conservationists

From the Wyoming's first congressmen to powerful presidents, learn about those who helped to protect this area for future generations.

First Climbers

Once thought to be inaccessible to anything without wings, read about the brave (or crazy!) men and women who accomplished the impossible and scaled the Tower's columns to stand on the summit.

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