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Note: An ongoing landslide at Pretty Rocks may seriously impact bus service in 2022. Pretty Rocks is located roughly half-way along the park's sole road. Details concerning bus service in 2022 will be provided once more is known. For reference, the last month of service in 2021 saw buses traveling no farther than roughly Mile 42 of the 92-mile long Denali Park Road.

Explanation of Narrated Tour Buses

Unlike transit buses, which are not narrated, tour buses feature a trained naturalist who both drives the bus and narrates during the trip.

Tour bus trips begin and end at various locations around the entrance of the park—they do not pick up at campgrounds along the Denali Park Road, and they are not set up for passengers to disembark and re-board. Transit buses are a better option for passengers who want to get off the bus to hike, picnic, etc.

Normally, there are a few different bus tours from which to choose. All tours are conducted by certified driver-naturalists who will provide a guided, informative trip into the park. Tour buses are tan-colored, to help them stand out from a distance. Descriptions of each tour are below.

Reservations and Prices

Reservations for bus trips are made through our bus concessionaire, Doyon/Aramark Joint Venture. You can buy tour bus tickets online or call 1-800-622-7275.

The National Park Service does not operate any of these tours. Questions concerning departure times, ticket refunds, etc., should be directed to Doyon/Aramark Joint Venture, the concessionaire who operates these tours.

  • The adult prices below do include the park entrance fee, which is added to the normal ticket price. If you have an entrance pass already (e.g., a Senior Pass), learn how to get your entrance fee refunded.
  • 8/26/2021 price update: A landslide at approximately Mile 45 of the Denali Park Road has necessitated turning buses around earlier than their normal destinations. All buses for the remainder of 2021 will turn around at Ghiglione Bridge, approximately Mile 42. Visitors who already purchased a more expensive ticket which would've taken them farther into the park are being automatically refunded the difference in ticket price; the new price is $95.50 per adult, half that for children. Please contact our bus company if you have questions.
Tour Name Dates Adult (16 and older) Children (15 and younger)
Natural History Tour Unavailable in 2021 $101.75 $43.50
Tundra Wilderness Tour* May 20—September 16, 2021 $162.50 $73.75
Kantishna Experience Unavailable in 2021 $240.75 $113.00


Bus departures vary each day, based on demand. There is therefore no fixed daily schedule. Contact the bus company to learn more about bus schedules.


Descriptions of Tours

  • Offered: mid-May—mid-September
  • Duration: 4.5 to 5 hours (round-trip, inclusive of all stops)

Focusing on the rich natural and cultural history of the park, this 4 ½ to 5-hour tour travels to the Teklanika River (mile 27).

Several interpretive stops enhance the experience, with an hour of off-bus experience. Beginning with a stop at the Savage Cabin, the original ranger’s cabin, provides a living history into how the cabin was once used and how it continues to be used today.

At the Teklanika River Rest Area you may have the opportunity to see wildlife on the glacially braided Teklanika River from the overlook. At Primrose Ridge, you will experience a memorable Alaskan Native presentation that will enlighten you with how the land has been used for nearly 10,000 years!

Your driver/naturalist will provide a great introduction to the landscape, geology, and history of Denali National Park.

  • Offered: May 20—mid-September
  • Duration: 7 to 8 hours (round-trip, inclusive of all stops)

Variations of this tour have been in existence since 1923, with the first concessioner offering bus trips as far as the road extended at that time.

Today, the TWT is a 7-8 hour excursion into the park with a certified driver-naturalist. This tour provides in-depth information about the history of the park, while maintaining a keen eye in search of wildlife and photography opportunities. Chances to see wildlife are greater on this trip than on the Natural History Tour.

  • From May 20—31, the tour travels as far as Mile 53, Toklat River.
  • From June 1—mid-September, the tour travels to Mile 62, Stony Overlook.

Wheelchair accessible buses are available, and all stops are wheelchair accessible. Up to 30 or 40 Tundra Wilderness Tours travel into the park each day; most departures are early morning or early afternoon. The schedule each day is able to flex depending on demand, so there is no fixed, daily schedule. Contact the tour bus company for more details.

Offered: June 8—mid-September
Duration: 11 to 12 hours (round-trip, inclusive of all stops)

Follow the trail of pioneer Fannie Quigley to the old gold town of Kantishna on this all-day adventure to the end of the Park Road. Your driver is a Certified Interpretive Guide and a National Park Service interpretive ranger joins you roughly halfway through your journey on this immersive experience. You will spend time in Kantishna learning about its interesting history and role in Interior Alaska.

This trip lasts 11 to 12 hours, traveling the entire 92 mile road and back over the course of the day.

The Kantishna Experience includes a lunch, snack and beverages. There are two daily departures. The tours pick up from area hotels in the early morning and depart from the Denali Bus Depot at 6:15 am and 7:30 am. They return roughly twelve hours later, and are a unique experience in the park that you don't want to miss! Specific hotel pick-up times are available from the bus company.

Some walking is involved.

Last updated: September 20, 2021

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