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The Bryce Canyon amphitheater is the most congested area of the park. While private vehicles are permitted, the free shuttle is recommended.

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Where Do I Park?

Parking in the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater (Miles 1 - 3)

The Bryce Canyon Amphitheater is where you can access the four main viewpoints: BryceInspirationSunset, and Sunrise Points. The majority of the park's day hikes can be found in this area.

Each viewpoint has a parking area that is open to private vehicles, however, due to the popularity of this area, parking spaces can be sparse during our peak seasons. 

To avoid full parking lots, we recommend using the free shuttle to see the Bryce Amphitheater. Shuttles are offered as a convenience but are not mandatory; no reservations required.

Bryce Canyon Amphitheater - Parking Lots

Parking Lot

Bryce Point

  • 49 total spaces
  • 3 oversized spaces
  • 37.603990215164075, -112.15666055747494

Parking Lot

Fairyland Point

  • 20 total spaces
  • 3 oversized spaces
  • 37.64956305831303, -112.14783232158946

Parking Lot

Inspiration Point

  • 36 total spaces
  • 7 oversized spaces
  • 37.61511208257475, -112.17066791443324

Parking Lot

Paria Point

  • 21 total spaces
  • 0 oversized spaces
  • 37.59694173844027, -112.16948514726312
Paria View is closed to oversized vehicles at all times.

Parking Lot

Sunrise Point

  • 113 total spaces
  • 3 oversized spaces
  • 37.631265873960075, -112.16447969793154
The parking lot located nearest to the Sunrise Point viewpoint (year-round) and the General Store (seasonal).

Parking Lot

Sunset Point

  • 115 total spaces
  • 7 oversized spaces
  • 37.62374109286889, -112.16706733464082


Parking Along the Southern Scenic Drive (Miles 3 - 18)

There is no shuttle service in this part of the park, although private options may be available. All vehicles, including oversized vehicles over 23 feet (7 meters), are permitted to drive this road and park at all viewpoints.

Note that in winter, following snowstorms, the main park road closes temporarily at mile marker 3 to allow snow plow crews to clear snow from the higher elevations of the park's Scenic Southern Drive. Closures typically last a day or more, depending on snowstorm durations.

The Bryce Amphitheater area is the first area to be plowed, so it remains accessible even during temporary closures of the Southern Scenic Drive. Check the Conditions Page for road statuses.

Southern Scenic Drive - Parking Lots

Parking lots along the Southern Scenic Drive (miles 4-18).

Parking Lot

Agua Canyon

  • 7 total spaces
  • 4 oversized spaces
  • 37.51645465820484, -112.26499960959923

Parking Lot

Natural Bridge

  • 30 total spaces
  • 9 oversized spaces
  • 37.53211182544531, -112.26004139427891

Parking Lot

Rainbow Point

  • 56 total spaces
  • 4 oversized spaces
  • 37.474828491762125, -112.24065029139183

Parking Lot

Swamp Canyon

  • 11 total spaces
  • 3 oversized spaces
  • 37.58761346634598, -112.21336966095174


Parking in Other Areas


Parking Lot

Mossy Cave

  • 15 total spaces
  • 2 oversized spaces
  • 37.66565398181993, -112.11015755984441

Last updated: July 21, 2023

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