36 CFR §4.21 Speed Limits

(b) The following speed limits are established for the routes/roads indicated:

  • The Blue Ridge Parkway motor road has an established speed limit of 45 miles per hour except in areas where that speed limit has been identified as unreasonable or unsafe. Speed limits may be changed on a temporary basis during periods of construction or other similar activities.

  • The following sections of Parkway are designated as 35 miles per hour:

    • Milepost 5.5 to 6.1, Humpback Rocks area

    • Milepost 62.9 to 63.9, James River Corridor

    • Milepost 85.3 to 86.2, Peaks of Otter developed area

    • Milepost 114.8 to 115.5, Roanoke River Parkway and Explore Park

    • Milepost 175.8 to 176.8, Mabry Mill developed area

    • Milepost 198.7 to 199.5, Route 608 intersection

    • Milepost 217.3 to 217.5, Cumberland Knob Picnic Area

    • Milepost 240.9 to 241.3, Bluffs Lodge area

    • Milepost 293.7 to 298.5, Moses Cone Manor, Sandy Flat, and Price Park

    • Milepost 383.4 to 388.8: Asheville Corridor

    • Milepost 408 to 409: Mount Pisgah Developed Area

    • Milepost 416.8 to 420.2: Graveyard Fields Corridor

    • Milepost 120.4, Mill Mountain Spur Road

  • The following areas have been reduced to 25 miles per hour due to documented traffic safety concerns:

  • Milepost 364: Craggy Gardens Visitor Center Area

  • Waterrock Knob Access Road

  • The designed speed and established speed limit for the Parkway motor road is 45 miles per hour, except where a lower speed limit is established by general regulations or because of accident frequency, traffic safety engineering recommendations, or for other safety considerations. Each of these sections of roadway has been identified as an area in which the 45 mile per hour speed limit would not be reasonable or safe, given the nature of the roadway, intersecting roads, heavy traffic flow, and/or pedestrian and bicycle use.

  • The access road leading from the Parkway motor road to the Waterrock Knob Visitor Center that has significant slow vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The slower speed limit is to increase the overall visitor safety of those persons entering, exiting, and utilizing the Waterrock Knob parking area and roadway.


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Last updated: July 28, 2020

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