36 CFR §2.2 - Wildlife Protection

(a) The following are prohibited:

  • Willfully approaching within 50 yards of bear, deer, or elk or within any distance resulting in their disturbance or displacement is prohibited.

      • Wild animals have behavior that is often unpredictable. Engaging in any activity which places a person in close proximity to wild animals places the person at risk for injury or death. Wildlife may interpret this human behavior as threatening or aggressive, which in turn jeopardizes the well-being of the animal. This restriction does not apply to inadvertent or casual encounters with wildlife in developed areas where foot traffic is normal and routine, e.g. sidewalks and established walkways, campground roads, etc., or in other areas where there is no reasonable travel route.

(b) Hunting and trapping are prohibited on all Parkway lands.

      • Hunting is expressly prohibited within the boundaries of the Blue Ridge Parkway by 36 CFR 2.2(b). It is recognized that when using animal tracking technology from Parkway overlooks, parking areas, roadsides, or any property within the legislative boundary of the Parkway to track dogs that are pursuing wildlife outside of Parkway boundaries, persons are clearly engaged in a hunt and are in violation of 2.2(b).

(d) The transportation of lawfully taken wildlife through the park is permitted under the following conditions and procedures:

  • Taken in accordance with state hunting regulations.

  • Taken on lands adjacent to the Parkway boundary when the only access to such lands is the Parkway motor road.

  • Notification must be made to the Blue Ridge Parkway Communications Center at 828-298-2491, and transportation must be approved prior to such transportation taking place.

  • Transportation of wildlife is prohibited in developed areas such as picnic areas, campgrounds, and concession areas.

  • Transport being limited to the nearest reasonable access to an intersecting state road or highway.

  • This section does not apply to lawfully-caught fish.

      • Transportation of lawfully taken wildlife as specified will not pose an unreasonable threat to Parkway wildlife resources and in some cases the Parkway motor road provides the only reasonable available access. Requiring prior permission facilitates the legal transport of lawfully taken wildlife, and assists law enforcement personnel in distinguishing legitimate from illegal use.

(e) All lands of the Blue Ridge Parkway are closed to the viewing of wildlife with an artificial light.

      • Viewing of wildlife with an artificial light disturbs normal activities of certain animals and greatly facilitates poaching.

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Last updated: July 28, 2020

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